Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Diablo 3 Guide - Season 4 Build List for the lazy people [by Inglorious]

If youre not playing on PTR and want to copy paste some pretty decent builds for 2.3 Season-4 patch, there you go!

Keep in mind i didnt entirely min max the builds gear-wise BUT its really close to the best there is! The builds are only tested in solo or 2 player GR60-65! If you have any Questions My BattleTag on EU and PTR : Inglorious#2258

IMPORTANT for those who dont know, if you click on the Skills/Effects Tab on the D3Planner Build Website you can scroll down in order to see the Cubed Legendary Items!
  • High CDR Whirlwind Barb The build is pretty simple you keep up your warcry/ignore pain/battle rage/wrath of the berserker and threatening shout big mobpacks/elites/champs/bosses as often you can while constantly using whirlwind, you just dont stop, ever. In GRifts you need a very high white mob density in order to complete 60+ without 5 damage or 5 conduit pylons.
  • 2 Player GRift zDPS Barb The idea of this build is you just run around with almost 700 million toughness and grab mobs together with your ancient spear while buffing your partymember with 20%armor increase and 30% increased dodge chance AND your Ignore Pain for another 50% damage reduce on top of that. Obviously debuff the mobs with your threatening shout and rend to increase the damage of your partymember. The build plays best with a high dps glasscannon like Demonhunter. Exploding palm Monk is also a really good choice.
  • Immortal Kings Rend Barb Tricky to play but ridiculous damage output. Main goal is to generate as much fury as possible with your furious charge and spend it quickly to reduce your cooldowns of your wrath of the berserker. You can also swap out mara's kaleidoscope for a hellfire amulet.
  • Blessed Hammer Crusader aka Hammerdin Well not much to say you use your cooldowns when you need them and spam blessed hammer like sonic on acid. Protip: rebind your Force Stand from shift to another button (preference) you just hold down left mouse button and spam the force stand since youve cubed Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan and need to move constantly.
  • Acid Cloud Witchdoc My favourite build so far fun-wise. The build is all about positioning and keeping up your buffs while doing a really good amount of damage and party support. Without the perfect gear a pretty squishy dps build but fun to play. Pretty important for gearing is that you need the armor roll instead of all resist and stack the single resists on secondary stats plus the gold and health pickup radius to increase the radius of your passives Grave Injustice & Swampland Attunement!
  • Seven-Sided-Strike Exploding Palm Monk This Build stacks tons of Crit-Damage and uses Broken Promises in the Kanai Cube to get 100% critchance for a few seconds to burst down everything. If it doesnt get nerfed it will be the strongest build overall in the upcoming patch for sure. Protip: Do not spend any Paragon points in Crit-Chance it will nerf your damage. Also you dont want any critchance on your gear at all. You can swap out Way of the hundred fists for Crippling Wave with the Tsunami rune for more defense but id recommend rolling with WotHF in Softcore. Also i am not 100% sure how Seven Sided Strike and Exploding Palm works with Dual wielding and how the damage gets calculated because i am done testing Monk atm. Lets just pretend the skillsdmg gets calculated off from the mainhand and the offhand is just there for bonus stats but dont be upset if i am wrong on that one. If i am wrong just swap out the VIT on the offhand for 10% damage roll. You could also swap out Madstone from the Cube for Spirit Guards if u really need that extra 40% damage Reduction. For the Passives you could swap out Guardians Path for Sixth Sense if u feel like you need more NON-Physical Damage Reduction but overall i like 35% dodge more than 25% elemental damage negation.
  • Did not test Wizard&DH but just roll archon set for wiz and multishot/nat set for DH and youll be fine
Last but not least i wanted to say sorry for my bad england my native language is not english and my grammar is terrible dont get mad at me.

And yes this is a build list/walloftextlol and not an in-depth how to play diablo3 every button explained guide so i just wrote down what i think its important to point out.



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