Friday, May 5, 2017

League of Legends - How to Solo Carry a Ranked Game | The Tactic from the God himself - imaqtpie by NexGenNexGen

Pressuring, you are not pressuring enough. I was master last season and the biggest difference from diamond is that people don't know when to play aggressively and bait for ganks.
For ex. if you're playing Lucian/Thresh against Kog' Maw/Lulu and your teamcomp sucks, most diamond players are just like - w.e I'll just farm it out like usually. NO you need to win this lane or you just lose.
Those are the 2 things that you are missing 100%

Proof that this is it:
A lot of people don't understand why is the ONE and ONLY Michael "imaqtpie" Santana getting so many accounts into challenger so easily when he is feeding his ass off every day. The answer is that he is THE GOD of pressuring and playing aggressively. He has so much experience at the game and that's why he's so good at this. Watch his stream and pay attention to these things:
  • he always trades no matter what is the matchup
  • he is always low hp (but his enemies are too)
  • being low hp makes the fights happen around BOT and NOT ANY OTHER LANE. So he makes people come to him, so that he can control the outcome because he, as the ADC, is one of the biggest factors in bottom skirmishes
  • then he just outplays them and repeats this and that's how he carries games
  • you hear him say a lot "Yea that was worth, I'll take it", IT IS WORTH even though sometimes he dies and looks like it isn't, IT IS because he is drawing pressure bot and then putting things into his hands and relying on HIMSELF (not his team) to play good

By "just outplays them" I don't mean get a triple or a penta 2v5 (although it does happen sometimes when really ahead). What i mean by that is - firstly, ENEMY JUNGLER DOESN'T GANK OTHER LANES, and then something to go EVEN with enemies like SUMS FOR SUMS or get a wave in a really good position or something like that. He trades his life for these things a lot as well.

Also about win condition
  • try to watch a game of him when he plays against a matchup that outscales him hard, HE WILL PLAY AGGRESSIVLY LIKE A MONKEY and sometimes it looks bad because he's dying, but they would've lost anyways if he just let them scale so better to try SOMETHING

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