Tuesday, September 13, 2016

League of Legends - Why you tilt and - more importantly - how to stop it by dangerousone326

Hi guys. Today we're going to talk about one of the hardest, but one of the absolute best things to improve on in league. It's all about the ego - and why its disabling you from reaching your potential in league AND in life.

Diamond jungle/mid main - just wrote that piece on Ori jungle a few days ago.
I am a first year Radiology resident and I have Type A personality.
Why is this relevant?
What a boasting doucheberry.
I bet he's drinking yoo-hoo right now. Scum bag.
Trust me, it's very relevant. Keep reading.
I imagine that most people that peruse this sub have type A personality. Before you go off and say that it's unwise to shoehorn people into dichotomous groups like an A and B, there are certain traits that define people, at a global level. And that's what we're going to talk about today.

Shut up and keep reading, my sexy summonerschool peeps.
Now that I've placed you into that type A category, let me share the two things type A people tend to have in common: the insatiable desire to win and huge egos.
In theory, these traits should be exclusive. There are humble champions in a variety of sports. However, there is something inherent about league that shakes everything up, and it will cause you to lose - no matter how good you are.
It is a TEAM game.
While that may or may not seem important to what we're going to talk about, it is actually at the very heart of tilt - for those with type A personalities.
League is a game that is often times difficult to win on your own aka "carry." Often, when type A's lose, they will blame their teammates and "rage." They bring that attitude into the next game, and lose again. And again. And again.
They have a huge EGO. And while that may be important to excel at an individual level, it is EXTREMELY detrimental to succeed in a team environment.

So, what exactly is the ego?
Sigmund Freud established that we have a 3 part psychic apparatus: the Id, the Ego, and the Superego.
I am not going to write extensively about the Id and the Superego, you can go ahead and read that on Wikipedia if you'd like. But I will summarize his theory briefly.
He postulated that we have several levels of consciousness, and these mechanisms are what we use to take on challenges, create an identity, and live - basically.
In order to shorten this a bit, we're going to group the ego and super ego together for today's talk and just call it the ego. So ,when I'm talking about the ego, I'm referring to the organized, realistic portion of our personality.
It's how we perceive daily life, our conscious part of our personality, and the drive for perfection.
It also combats the Id.
So what's the Id?
The Id is the animalistic, aggressive, passionate, unconscious (the old term being subconscious) part of our personality. It is emotional and irrational.

Again, pipe down. Cause I'm droppin' knowledge, son.
The Id and the Ego are the two parts of tilt. When you disarm one, you disarm the other.
To rid yourself of tilt, you must tackle one of these.
Unfortunately, or fortunately, the only one you have conscious access to, is the ego.

So let's disarm the ego, today. Right now.
Whatever you think you are - an expert jungler, a savvy, roaming midlaner, or a precise ADC - that identity is your doom. While you have spent all this time to be the very best, like no one ever was, you have to keep it in perspective. Whenever you fail to win a game, you are failing your ego. When you fail your ego, your Id takes over. The Id. The dumb, passionate, animal side that cares only about satisfying your emotions. It doesn't care about winning. It doesn't care about strategy. It only cares about getting that ape tantrum out.
While you can cool off for a while, mute your teammates, or minimize mistakes to try to attain perfection, there is a better way to keep the Id at bay. And that is to accept that this is a team game. You are not the best player in the world. You are likely not even the best player on your current team. In fact, always think of yourself as the worst player on the team. Destroy any notion being perfect. When people call you out for mistakes, don't take it to heart. Because you have dissolved your ego. Those words mean nothing. You can't attack something that's not there. So, how can they berate you if you have dissolved your ego? Your negative emotions will dissipate. Reason takes over.
You will understand that you will lose, even when you play well. And if you equate success with winning - you are at the mercy of your random teammates and your ego.
More importantly, when you achieve this state of zen, you will climb. You will not tilt. Because you have conquered your ego.
TL;DR: Trash has no ego. You are trash. Now climb, my sexy peeps.

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