Monday, December 28, 2015

Diablo 3 - 2.4 Demon Hunter Builds by Philos

Hey there, I noticed a lot of interest in Demon Hunter viability next patch, and I am happy to say DH have several setups with very comparable potential and distinctly unique gameplay. All these builds are optimized for solo, but can also perform quite well in groups with slight modifications. So unless you are pushing for top ranks at the end of the season you can basically play with whatever you want! For anyone interested in these builds for next patch, here's a few of the most powerful setups

Greater Rifting Builds 75-80+
Marauder Cluster
Marauder Chakram
Natalya FoK
Shadow Impale/FoK
Unhallowed Multishot

Torment 10 Speed Build (~2min clears)
Unhallowed Multishot

dfans text guides are in the descriptions if you prefer that format :)
The only setup I didn't spend much time with was LoN, mostly because I didn't enjoy the gameplay, but it is also viable for 75-80+


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