Friday, September 30, 2016

League of Legends - 3 Step guide to get to Diamond (or climb in general) by Bladerunner7777

Note: This is what worked for me, I can't guarantee this will work for everyone.
There are 3 steps but that doesn't mean it is ez as 123
Sorry for looking similar to every other cancer "tips on how I got to X" post

Step 1: Find Your Main

I'm sure everyone has heard this a million times before on this sub and I'll probably get flamed for saying it. In order to climb you must be consistent (see step 2), to achieve this, you will play the same champion(s) every game. 1 main and 1 backup if your main is banned/taken. If your champ has a low banrate then you don't have to be that good at your secondary; if you know your main champion really well you should know how to beat them.
You cannot "decide" your OTP
I think this is really important to know: You see lots of people on this sub that are aware that One-Tricking is effective, so they ask "who should I One-Trick". It doesn't work like that.
As a wise man (tyler1) once said:
"When you find your main, you'll just know."
If the thought of playing hundreds of games with only one particular champion hurts your brain, that champion obviously isn't your OTP. I used to aspire to be a Kha'Zix main but I could not force myself to play him too much otherwise I would get exhausted. I think everyone has a potential "One-trickable" champ depending on your personality; you might even learn something about yourself.
Be warned, the process of finding your main could potentially take a really long time. It could be years before you realize "the one"; you might have already played "the one" several times before but you didn't even realize it. Sometimes you'll have like a hundred games on a champ and one day you wake up and realize: "...this isn't fun".
Just... follow ur heart kappa

Step 2: Remove All Inconsistencies

This step is easy, but requires discipline. Now that you have your main, your "control" champion, you need to remove all the other hindering variables so you can actually climb faster. If you are consistent every game then it's easier to see what you did wrong and learn from it.
Things to do to achieve consistency in no particular order:
  • Being well rested when you play (very important)
  • Solo Q only
  • If anything in the chat fills you with negative emotions, /mute all
  • Play on settings that allow you to get consistent FPS (not choppy)
  • Have reliable internet
  • Being emotionally stable before you start a game
  • Have no distractions around you
  • Take care of everything you need to take care of before you start a match (like eating), you want to be giving your full attention to the game.
  • Don't be toxic or passive-aggressive, this requires a lot of discipline.
  • DO NOT look at while the game loads. Knowing that your enemy is super good will only negatively affect your playing.
  • Let every game play out, never open mid/surrender unless your team is like 20vs0. If there is even a reasonable doubt, play it out.
  • Never worry about your team, worry about yourself
These things don't require any talent, as long as you force yourself to follow these rules (I probably missed some too) you should be able to see improvement. You can't let your emotions take over you, this is a pretty good life skill as well.

Step 3: Play lots of Ranked, stop playing Ranked when you aren't winning, play Normals and take it seriously.

Pretty straight forward. Now that you are basically a control variable, you need to play a lot of games so you can reallyiron out every mistake you make over time.
If you lose 3-4 ranked games in a row, stop playing ranked, you're wasting time. The reason you lost 4 games in a row is because you are the problem, often times when One-Tricking a champ or just playing the game you could pick up a really bad habit. Playing with a bad habit is like a sickness and you need to get it out of your system, the most efficient way to do this is to play normals until you isolate what you're doing wrong. Once you realize your mistake you should never be making it again and you will probably go back to winning (if you aren't then you have more major mistakes that need correcting, or you are forgetting the "control variable rules").
If you are constantly hovering between divisions, you also need to stop playing ranked. Fact of the matter is, if you can't easily climb to the next rank, you won't be able to ever get passed it. I'll share my own personal experience if it helps to better explain:
Once I had climbed out of Plat 2 and into Plat 1, I was ready to start climbing to Diamond. Straight off the bat I noticed that none of my games seemed consistent. I was getting super frustrated because I would get demoted to Plat 2 when I felt like I deserved Plat 1. To be honest, I wasn't even close to being ready for Diamond. Once I had climbed back to Plat 1 eventually, I stopped playing Ranked and played Normals for an entire week. After a week I learned two important things:
  • I started being more passive-aggressive in the chat once I got to Plat 1 because I felt like I was good enough that I didn't need to censor myself. I also did the same thing when I was practicing in Normals so I didn't even do well in Normals until I finally corrected myself. Being toxic is a bad habit that could always resurface no matter how many times you correct yourself; be disciplined.
  • Apparently I had piss poor knowledge about rotations. Previously I would just the follow the ADC around (support main), but riding on the tailwind of the ADC only worked for so long before I needed to step up and take initiative. Playing normals helped me learn this because I would always win lane but I didn't know how to carry the advantage to the other lanes.
These mistakes are personal; not everyone has the same weaknesses and some people might struggle with mistakes that you never have a problem with.
Play Normals until you feel very confident with going back to Ranked. You can't just think of it like, "I played 5 normal games so now I'm going to do well in Ranked". You have to play Normals and you have to feel like playing Normals has helped you improve. Also practice how you play; treat Normals like Ranked always (unless you're not trying to climb Ranked, then treat Normals how you want).

I do not believe in creating a long-ass list with a checklist of "tips" will make anyone significantly better at League.The best way to improve at this game is to learn everything naturally. I think this method of climbing minimizes those moments of Elo Surfing like when you manage to get to division 1 but then you go on a huge loss streak and end up in division 3 or something, which usually saves a lot of time as well if you can avoid this.

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