Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Blade and Soul - Shattered Mast 4-man Solo (Blademaster) by tungmath

With the recent buffs to blademasters, especially in the AOE department, I decided to give solo Shattered Mast a try.



First boss: I find it the best to keep the two bosses' hp the same so the flowers spawn at the same time. The rotation is AOE, take blue flowers, take red flowers, gap close, block red charge, then repeat. I also find it useful to use HM block right after blocking red's charge so I don't get hurt by reflect damage (since my aoe hits both and I only have one kind of flower).

Second boss: This guy has some hp regen, but not a lot. It is probably not worth the dps loss trying to keep up bleed. Really nothing difficult. Violent Blade would be so much better than Flash Steps here, but I forgot to respec /shy

Third boss: This guy has no hp regen, hurray! Easiest double cc is double stun on 2 and x. I dropped combat so many times...

I also did the 6-man version solo earlier. The mechanics are a lot different - much easier in the 6-man version. For example, the first boss spawns flowers every 20% instead of 10% and I had more than 2 minutes left on the timer. The last boss was also different, with super slow triple jumps and no cannon/heal. It was quite boring...

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