Monday, August 15, 2016

Diablo 3 - 2.4.2 Wiz T10+ GR/Bounty Farming Build by EigenVector

Preamble: For regular rifts Flashfire (link below), with gold wrap, is still probably the fastest wizard build. However, I am not sold on the scaling to t13, and it has a ramp up time do due having to get gold for defenses and reliance on In Geom. For solo GRifting and bounties, you need an alternative.

My Version of Falshfire for 2.4.2:


The build is pretty basic and relies on using Tal's 6 bonus (3000% increase to all damage), along with Wand of Woh. However, this utilizes Aether Walker for mobility over In Geom for more consistent teleports (Thanks Vox for the idea: ).

I will give two versions. The first is the basic setup for speed clears when you are somewhat out gearing the content level. The second is more defensive for when you want to push GRifts to level gems.

Speed Version:

Defensive Version:
Replace Leoric's with Ashnagarr for more shields
Replace Illusionist with Galvanizing ward to avoid 1 shots
Replace Pinpoint with Prismatic for more AR

It's early in the season and I am only ~P350, but I have been able to easily clear up to a GR58 with this build. Once I hit P800 and have full defensive stats, I should be able to farm 60+ rather easily, while being able to get a 70 for the season journey. As long as you keep moving, you can maintain a relatively high level of shielding, which allows you to not be one shot, while you jump from elite to elite (or jump through bounties). My gear isnt very good right now (missing CD on my F/R and I dont have ancient weapons yet), but the damage from the three sources, EB, meteors, and Mirnae, yields fast elite kills.


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