Friday, June 24, 2016

Overwatch - Best Turret Spots - Temple of Anubis (Beginner / Advanced) by Lord Quinzulin

Hello everyone, welcome back to another Torbjorn Map guide. This video covers 9 really useful positions for turret placement on Temple of Anubis. Hopefully this helps your Torbjorn game, if it does and you want to see more videos, Subscribe! I plan to go over every map in the game so get hyped!

Link to an Imgur album of all the pictures I used:

Link to the Stratuga page with all the interactive maps:
Link to Illios map guide:

Link to Kings Row map guide:

Link to Hanamura Map guide:

Thanks to BlueButter for helping me out in this video, and also a huge thanks to sparktuga for making all the aerial images seen. Special thanks to deemedrol for finding an amazing spot for this map.

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