Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Blade & Soul - General Soul Shield guide for the rest of the year by chemnerd

Hey fellow crickets,

I have seen a lot of posts on here asking about what soul shields people should get, so to clean up the posts a little I have decided to write the soul shield guide I usually copy/paste whenever someone asks in this text post, plus a bit more.

The BiS level 50 soul shields this patch are:
  • Fresh 50: 12468 Lab + 357 Bloodshade/Full Northern Critical/Full Yeti/12348 Asura + 567 Yeti
  • Undergeared/not enough accuracy for 4 mans: 12348 Asura + 567 Be Ido
  • Decently geared/Awakened Scorpio Earring or higher/in 6 mans: 12468 Asura + 357 Be Ido (this is the case for most people)
  • Very high geared/can do Tower of Infinity: 13567 Asura + 248 Challenger
  • Full tank/OWPvP: Full Naksun/248 Challenger + 3 piece Sparring + 2 piece Naksun
  • Secondary stats: Crit > Accuracy > HP > Defense > Block = Evasion (may or may not be the case for tank set)
  • Infusions: Northern Critical (poor), Silverfrost Artisanal Critical (rich), Jomu Accuracy (not enough accuracy and want to do Asura/Maze 4), Silverfrost Artisanal Reflex (OWPvP)

Many soul shields follow the same format as to what stats they give. Each of these progressions give the same primary and secondary rolls on every piece, but the later ones simply have higher numbers.  

The soul shield progression for the rest of the year is:
  • Bloodshade (BSH) -> Yeti (Avalanche Den) -> Be Ido (Split Maze/Sundered Nexus) -> Twisted (Zaiwei Ruins+Shattered Masts+Gloomdross Incursion+Twisted Grimhorn Wilds) -> Oblivion (Desolate Tomb)
  • Labyrinth (Naryu Lab) -> Asura (Snow Jade Palace/Sogun's Lament) -> Black Dragon (Black Dragon Prison/Ebondrake Citadel)
  • Endless Tower (Mushin's Tower F4-7) -> Mushin (Mushin's Tower F8.1-8.2) -> Scorpio (Awakened Necropolis) -> Naksun (Mushin's Tower F12-15) -> Sparring (Tower of Infinity F10-20) -> Challenger (Tower of Infinity F30-40)

Once new dungeons are released, replace each piece with the piece that follows it in the same list. Praetor's and Arbolito's cheat sheets have the exact soul shield stats, so that will help when you're trying to min/max your pieces.

So the final purple soul shields right before legendary (Midnight Skypetal Plains and Black Tower) are:
  • PvE: 12468 Black Dragon + 357 Oblivion
  • OWPvP: 13567 Hell + 248 Challenger
  • Secondary stats: Crit > Accuracy > HP > Defense > Block = Evasion (may or may not be the case for tank set)
  • Infusions: Silverfrost Artisanal/Masterwork Critical (PvE), Silverfrost Artisanal/Masterwork Reflex (OWPvP)

Hope this helps!


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