Friday, February 26, 2016

Far Cry Primal - Beast Master Guide: All Animal Locations and How to Tame and Use Your Pet Beasts by PS4Trophies

A look at all 17 animals, or beats, that you can tame in Far Cry Primal. You can tame all but the final 3 which you can only get for conclussion of the Beast Master Hunt sidequests. Rare animals will have a scent trail to let you know of their presence while using Hunter Vision. To tame an animal, you must attract it with bait and then walk up to it and press and hold Square before it finishes eating the bait.

Dhole 2:00
Rare Dhole 2:12
Wolf 2:30
White Wolf 3:00
Rare Striped Wolf 3:14
Jaguar 3:40
Rare Black Jaguar 4:01
Leopard 4:27
Cave Lion 4:46
Rare Black Lion 5:08
Badger 5:26
Brown Bear 5:51
Sabretooth Tiger 6:18
Cave Bear 6:38
Great Scar Bear 7:00
Bloodfang Sabretooth 7:36
Snowblood Wolf 8:22

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