Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Blade & Soul - BladeMaster PvP Guide(s) by Nerumi

Well, I got asked quite often what BM's should do in PvP, which build I'm using etc and since I didn't find any guides on YouTube, or at least no valuable guides I thought of making my own guides. Since I even got asked to post it on the B&S subreddit, I decided to just do that.

I personally am a 1923 Platinum BladeMaster and I am playing Blade and Soul since 4 years now.

In my guides I'm trying to explain the most important things about BM, like overall PvP basics and combos. But I also upload some guides, explaining how to counter other classes. A good example of that is my already uploaded guide for BM vs Blade Dancer. A lot of people already learned something from them, I hope I can help out even some more people.

PvP Basics:

Advanced BM Combos (Part1):

BM vs BD:

BM vs SIN:

vs BM, KFM, BD:

vs FM:

vs Sin:

vs Summoner:


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