Monday, November 16, 2015

StarCraft - [TvZ] How to face Roach/Ravager ? Applying the sAviOr technique by ErrantKnight

In the last few days we've seen certain Zergs (Solar) use pristine Roach Ravager builds to max out extremely quickly and crush the Terran using Corrosive Bile to force the Terran into constantly kiting.

There seem to be two main ways to respond to this:
  • Firstly you can face the Zerg in (Glorious) battle and hope you have enough, maybe lay down some bunkers, try moving tanks around... The problem is that the Zerg's army is usually rather overwheling (we saw Solar be maxed against a 100-150 army TY) so the odds aren't in your favour, you are just playing to this army's strength.
  • Secondly you can try counter-attacking (dropping usually) to try to force the Zerg to come back and defend. The problem is that all of the army dropping is missing from the defence so the Zerg can just crush what remains, deal critical damage (or even camp your production) and use roach reinforcements to defend (and even amass that number early since he sees your drop coming with overlords) or gain time against the counter attack. The Zerg can then just go back and defend while you have sustained a lot of damage.
This situation is very similar to pre-sAviOr ZvT in Starcraft where the Zerg was forced into either making sunkens or counter attacking. Then arrived sAviOr who uncovered the skirmishing technique: use muta-stacked mutas to harass the attacking force by picking off stray or fringe units, weakening and slowing it down enough so that you can overwhelm it later on.

In LotV, Terran has gained access to a new weapon of the apocalypse: siege mode tank drops: combining this with the medivac boost upgrade (which just makes it better) you can suddenly harass the attacking roach army while dodging the Corrosive Bile spots, weakening it and slowing it down sufficiently so that you can beat it down later on.

I for one have tried this and it works quite well, while I was losing to vastly superior armies I can now face them off with similar supply (180 vs 200 and part of the Zerg supply is back at home).

Try it out and see if it works for you.


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