Saturday, November 7, 2015

Heroes of the Storm - Cho'Gall Gameplay (Abilities Spotlight) [LeyzarGamingViews]

Cho'Gall has just been announced at Blizzcon 2015. We have got a bit of gameplay and his abilities. Stay tuned for more Heroes of the Storm content.
Other Content that was announced include the heroes Greymane and Lunara, the new game mode Arena and a new Battleground called Towers of Doom.
In this video we can also observe the Master Skin and the CORRUPTOR CHO'GALL Skin.
Party with a friend who already owns Cho’gall and win two games as either head to permanently unlock this Hero for yourself. If you've already unlocked Cho'gall, you can earn yourself a nice lump of gold by helping your friends unlock him too. Win four games while playing as either head with someone who hasn’t unlocked Cho’gall to cash in.

Talents can be found here :

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