Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Diablo 3 Video - [S4] DH Tier 70 solo (14:09) [by wudijo]

Season 4 Demon Hunter GR 70 Solo
Finally closed Tier 70 after one full afternoon of unsucessful tries. I did it offstream as I just wanted to experiment a little before heading to university, and this one ended up getting me the rank. I tried quite a couple of different things before going back to more conventional builds and this setup turned out pretty well. Compared to my previous runs I switched out my Calamity for a Helltrapper, rolled off the weapon damage and kept both vitality and life on hit for increased tankiness, letting me drop Leech in favor of Ambush. Like this some of my Fulminator procs will be weaker (as my Strafe rune still deals lightning damage scaling off both weapons), but the majority is coming from RoV anyway (mainhand only).

The advantage of the Helltrapper is that you will spawn Caltrops to help proc the slow, which usually is a big issue especially on the huge pulls that DHs are trying to make this season. It also adds a little bit of damage with the Sentries especially on single target, and Spike Traps help to reset your RoV cooldown slightly faster. Like this, you can sometimes do a 2:1 instead of a 3:1 rotation if you have many (40+) targets, especially when you switch Evasive Fire to Bola Shot - Thunderball (only recommended if you have a Helltrapper with a damage roll).

I will probably not focus on pushing too much in the next couple of days - I rather want to work on some other projects and some videos I still want to make. With how overpowered conduit pylons are this season, I could definitely push 71 and 72 if I put in enough keys (in one of my tries I managed to make ~50% progress with a conduit alone). I rather spend spend my time farming a couple more paragons and keys and slowly start preparing for pushing 73-75 at the end of the season already.

For anyone asking, I currently expect Standard and Leonine UE Multishot to clear around 1-2 tiers lower than Natalya.

Cube: Fulminator, Hexing Pants, Unity
Passives: Awareness, Cull the Weak, Perfectionist, Ambush, Steady Aim (Hellfire)
Enchantress: Thunderfury, Ess of Johan, Unity

The Glitch Mob - Fly By Night Only (ft. Yaroohs)
The Glitch Mob - I Need My Memory Back (ft. Aja Volkman)
The Glitch Mob - Mind of a Beast

Clan (EU):

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