Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Diablo 3 - How to Archon \ Season 4 (Patch 2.3) Wizard Guide [Fevir]

Looking at the Archon build in season 4 of Diablo 3. Probably the strongest wizard build available this season.

This is my first time doing a Diablo 3 guide type video. I assumed since the game has been out so long I didn't have to hand hold and read tooltips out loud. I would love input from people who are in the Diablo 3 community and have looked at other guides for potential advice on future guides. Thanks!

It's a very item dependent build- to the point where it's not even worth using the build until you've collected it all.

Archon Wizard build details:

Archon Skills:
Blizzard - Snowbound
Ice Armor - Crystallize
Archon - Pure Power
Magic Weapon - Deflection
Teleport - Wormhole
Frost Nova - Deep Freeze

Unstable Anomaly

Archon Gems:
Bane of the Trapped
Bane of the Stricken
Pain Enhancer

Helm: Diamond
Armor: Topaz
Weapon: Emerald

Archon Equipment:
Vyr's Helm (Socket - Crit)
Vyr's Shoulders (Cooldown Reduction)
Vys's Chest (Socket / Elite Damage Reduction)
Vyr's Hands (Cooldown Reduction - Crit & Dam)
Vyr's Legs (Socket & Armor)
Vyr's Feet (Armor)

Chantado's Will & Force MH & OH

Fazula's Improbable Chain (Life)
Ancient Parthan Defenders (Crit)

Halo of Arlyse (Socket & Dam & Crit)
-Unity and Convection

Amulet (Socket & Dam)
-Hellfire, Mara's, Moonlight Ward, Etlich

Archon cube effects:
The Swami
Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac

Archon paragon points:
1. Movement Speed, 20 into Arcane Power, Intellect
2. Cooldown Reduction, Dam, Attack Speed, Crit
3. Armor, Resist, Life, Life/sec
4. Area Damage, Life on Hit, Resource Cost Reduction, Gold Find

Notes about gearing:
50% cooldown reduction
30-35k life on hit
Elemental damage on bracer/amulet (your choice of which)
Armor, armor, armor
Critical hit damage over critical hit chance

Can't stop, won't stop.
Herd monsters in archon
Speed Chantodo stacks and archon refresh in non-archon
Kill, kill, kill in overlap archon

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