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Hearthstone - The Grand Tournament \ All a new player needs to know [by ninjamies23]


So why do I make this write-up? I got the idea because a friend of mine always asks about whats going on with TGT as he doesnt follow the subreddit at all. Because of that I thought Id make this thread for new players that just want to know what`s happening without multiple threads. Ill keep this up to date whenever something new pops up.

What is The Grand Tournament?

The Grand Tournament, TGT in short, is the second Hearthstone expansion after GVG (Goblins vs Gnomes). It features 132 new cards that can be acquired through opening packs or crafting, much like GVG. Each class gets 9 new cards with the exception of Hunter that gets 10. Each class gets at least 1 legendary minon.

When does the expansion launch?

So far all we know is that the new cards will be available in August.

Where can I see the new cards?

This great thread is kept up to date with cards revealed so far. (Massive props to u/Nostalgia37 for all the work put into the thread.) In the thread youll also find a discussion thread for each card where you can find opinions on the cards. In these threads you can also find videos of professional players discussing the cards. So far we have 59/132 cards revealed so there is still a massive amount of new cards to be excited about! Also to be mentioned is that you can vote on cards to be revealed here. If you want to see some of the new cards in action you should check out some videos from the reveal event. Here`s 1 series and here`s another.

Buying TGT packs

Each TGT card pack costs 100 gold like all card packs. It contains 5 cards and at least 1 of them is rare or better card You can preorder 50 packs for 49.99 USD or 44.99 EUR. These packs cannot be opened until the expanison launches. There is no information yet on when this closes. After preordering you`ll receive this card back.

New mechanics

With TGT we get some new mechanics. Adding to previous mechanics like Battlecry and Deathrattle we get...

Inspire is one of the main themes in TGT. It is a new keyword like Battlecry or Deathrattle. Inspire effects trigger whenever you use your Hero Power. I`ll use Lowly Squire as an example. 1 mana for a 1 / 2, and whenever you use your Hero Power the card gains +1 attack. This means that if you use the Hero Power twice, it becomes a 3/2 for 1 mana.

Joust, even though not a keyword, is a mechanic seen quite often. Cards that have ”Reveal a minion in each deck. If yours costs more...” are considered Joust cards. This means that both players get a minion (not spell or weapon!) revealed from their deck. If your card has a higher Mana Cost an effect occurs. As an example I`ll use the Paladin card Tuskarr Jouster. When you play this card the ”Joust” effect activates. If your minion has a higher Mana Cost, you restore 7 Health to your hero. If both players have a minion of the same cost, the player activating the Joust loses. If a player has no minions left in his deck, that player loses the Joust. How this works in game can be seen in this video.

Other things coming with TGT

Cards is not all we`re getting! Below you can see what else is coming in the patch:

New Ranked rewards
The community has for a long time felt like ranked is not rewarding enough. Blizzard heard this and now, after each season, players get a chest. What you get from this chest depends on your highest rank on that season. As an example heres a rank 5 and a rank 17 chest. Past rank 5 only the amount of dust you get will be better.

Arena rewards updated
Since GVG launched the Arena has rewarded only GVG packs. After the patch it will reward a random card pack: Classic, GVG or TGT.

New game board
Just like Curse of Naxxramas, GVG and Blackrock Mountain, TGT will feature a brand new game board.

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