Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Diablo III - 3 player Tier 68 with 2xDPS (Crus / Wiz / DH) by wudijo

3 player Tier 68 with 2xDPS (Crus / Wiz / DH)

Hey everyone,
after recently posting my 4-player Natalya run I figured I'll share this one as well. Just after trying out Natalya in groups for the first time the night before, we decided to use some of the leftover keys for 3-player and went with an unusual setup, dropping the WD for a second dps. The potential of having two dps, along with all the mutual damage buffs of Tal Rasha and Natalya makes for a strong combo that 1 dps + 2 support groups might not be able to compete with at the high end, especially considering the ridiculous amounts of hit points the rift guardians will have at 70 or higher. Until this point there are very few teams that actually use double dps in 3-player, my guess is that soon the WD will be completely dropped in favor of another dps for most teams. The damage potential is just a lot higher, not many buffs are lost (since the DH brings about 60-65% additive bonus) and not everyone has enough keys on 70+ to actually fish for Stonesinger with one dps, so this seems to be something worth looking into for those aiming to compete in 3-player.

Most of these runs were still fairly unoptimized, as both Avoid and me had to get used to this playstyle first, yet the runs were quite successful nevertheless. Even now we definitely have the damage to clear 69 and 70, however we only had one key to try it after climbing our way up to 66 / 67 / 68, which left us at rank 2 EU. Still, we had a lot of fun during the runs, especially Avoid rose up to the challenge to fight Raiziel on tier 69 with unprecedented enthusiasm, which I included an extensive bonus clip of in the end ;)

Noteworthy changes to my setup compared to my last group runs are the fact that I used only one CDR ring and went back to Rocket Storm for more consistent N2 procs. For this group specifically I dropped Archery for Night Stalker and Preparation - Punishment for Marked for Death - Contagion, since there was no other DH to provide the buff. I was running out of hatred fairly often, however with some practice I tried to synchronize it with the 30sec timer of Marked for Death and then just regenerated at the same time I had to replace it. Gems used were BotT, Zei's and Gogok.

Party's profiles: Crus | Wiz | DH

Clan (EU) | Livestream


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