Thursday, February 5, 2015

Heroes of the Storm - Video Guides for Kerrigan/Nazebo/Falstad (Also Hammer/Valla/Tass/Zera/Illi/Nova/Tychus/more) by Fan

Hi Guys, Fan here again. Some of you probably have seen me around in vs games or tourneys or in the threads I post every few weeks with Video Guides. There was pretty good feedback and encouragement for me to make more videos, so I have!.

My Qualifications: Top 10 hotslogs, 1st Place ESL Monthly December trying out for C9 Vortex. 2nd Place KOTS 9 with Barrel Boys, 3rd Place KOTS Jan. Monthly with BB. Also Reached Rank 1 recently with only 1 loss(53-1 record) in hero league:

My reason for making these: When I first started, it was pretty hard for newer players in this game to get a grasp of game knowledge and proper decision making, and it was even pretty hard to get the optimal talent build. I, like most of the other new players also had these problems. Looking at the scene now, it’s pretty easy to get a good talent build online, but it seems hard for a lot of players to understand how to properly play the build they are using. I had this problem when I first started playing the game, and the thing that helped me most was watching VODs of good players explaining their actions. I felt that watching good players explain the game really catapulted my game knowledge and decision making much faster than if I had just tried to learn it myself. Personally, I think I learned the most from C9 Zuna’s solo queue game VODS where he talked about heroes and game choices. It was extremely useful and I wanted to make some content like that to help players out as well. So I made a few video commentary/guides on various heroes (Zuna style, solo queue a game then just talk a lot about the build and decisions in the game), and am planning on making more videos on heroes and hero builds that I have a lot of experience with. Check them out if you are interested, and let me know of any suggestions for improvements. Thanks!.

TLDR: Made videos to help newer players get better at playing certain builds, and to help their decision making choices.

Kerrigan Maelstrom Guide -

Nazeebo Standard Guide -

Falstad Magic Dmg Guide -

All of the new closed beta players, check out these guides from last post:

Tyrael Judgement Guide -

Illidan The Hunt Guide -

Sergeant Hammer Standard Mines Guide -

Nova Standard Burst Damage Guide -

Illidan Metamorphosis Guide -

Tychus Standard Build Guide -

Standard Zeratul Magic Dmg Build Game -

Standard Valla Multishot Build Game -

Tassadar Damage/Vision Build -


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