Thursday, January 15, 2015

Diablo III - Monk Hexwuko Build by Heisenberg

Tempest Rush - Flurry
Exploding Palm - Impending Doom
Epiphany - Desert Shroud
Sweeping Wind - Inner Storm
Mystic Ally - Air Ally
Mantra of Healing - Circular Breathing

* - EP can be replaced by any other skill if not your cup of fist. Circular Breathing can be replaced if spirit generation sufficient

Furnace / Warstaff of General Quang / Ancient Sunder
Sunwuko Gloves, Shoulders, Amulet ( Paws / Balance / Shinies )
Inna's Spirit Stone, Belt, Chest ( Radiance / Favor / Vast Expanse )
Reapers Wrap
Hexing Pants of Mr. Yang
Crudest Boots
Ring of Royal Grandeur
Unity (solo)
SoJ (group)

* - Inna not needed for Hexwuko but a great defensive set. Can sub 2pc Aug with Seph & Krelm's belt to supplement movement & spirit.

Bane of the Trapped
Bane of the Powerful

6.6% RCR limit not needed as you should aim to TR as much as possible, only stopping to detonate EP/Flurry.

How to Play
TR into packs. Apply EP to stop & detonate Flurry + EP (instantaneously). Ancient Sunder is a crafted 2H Mace that can be crafted the moment 2.1.2 goes live.

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