Tuesday, May 20, 2014

CS:GO - List of things to make you a better player by Dunx29

  1. If you win a round, run around looking for dropped nades. Can save you over $1000 for the next round.
  2. Change the radar scale to show the whole map. This can be done in game settings and gives you much better info when you glance at the map. cl_radar_scale 0.3 (Thanks juiceyuh)
  3. Don't bother buying helmet against a fully loaded T side unless you can afford to completely buy up. They will either use AK or AWP which are 1 shot head shots either way. You're better off with a smoke. Edit: A lot of people are misinterpreting this one so I will make it very clear. When I say fully loaded T side I mean you just lost a round to them and they all had aks or an awp. Your helmet will almost certainly be of less use than a smoke grenade the following round if this happens. If you would prefer a helmet then go for it, but in my experience it is a waste of $350 if you knew they all had aks and you had very low money, which could have been spent on 2 flashes/a smoke. If you can easily afford a helmet obviously buy it.
  4. Turning up your in-game brightness is usually beneficial. If you have an nVidia video card, open the nVidia software and increase digital vibrance to over 75%.
  5. Wear headphones, and have the volume as loud as possible without being uncomfortable.
  6. If you spot enemies, don't say "THEY'RE ALL SHORT!" Instead say "2 SHORT!" or "MULTIPLE SHORT." If you get killed by one, then there is one, not the whole team. This often causes over rotating and a round loss.
  7. When you die, say where they killed you from, how many, if they have an AWP and what damage you did to them. Tell your team where they are going on deathcam if you see, then STFU until next round. No one wants to hear you complaining about how you died as it ruins your teams hearing. Fast, accurate info, then silence.
  8. Announce flashes before you throw them if teammates are close. E.g. "Flashing tunnels!"
  9. Don't buy until you check your team's economy. If you're not sure if they are buying (team average $3.5k), ask over mic quickly.
  10. When you are CT, if you have the dropped bomb, DO NOT go looking for the last 1 or 2 Ts if you outnumber them. I have lost so many rounds because of cocky teammates doing this.
  11. Don't use the bizon past round 3. It is completely useless against armor.
  12. Announce your molotovs so your teammates don't smoke them. Announce your smokes so you don't double smoke.
  13. Walk everywhere when clutching unless you are short on time.
  14. You don't need to 180 to avoid flashbangs, just past 90 degrees will do.
  15. Compliment big plays from team mates, and say "good try." Or don't say anything if they go down while clutching. It really helps your team play their best. Giving them shit for losing can ruin the rest of a players game.
  16. When you're on T side, take note of which site the other team's top fragger plays. That's probably going to be the more dangerous site.
  17. Lower your sensitivity. Lower it some more. A full swipe for me is barely 180. If you can spin around 5 times in one movement it is way too high. Also, don't settle with the default cs:go crosshair. Change to a simple cross or dot. You'll have to experiment to find what's right for you. Use this site to design it.
  18. Buy smokes before nades. If you are the sort of person to buy a lot of nades, watch a replay of yourself. They usually do no damage, and if they do, it's usually below 20hp. Use smokes to cut off sections of the map e.g. one side of mid on inferno, and stop rushes when you are CT.
  19. On dust_2, on the first 2 rounds as ct, get the guy closest to mid doors to run and look through them. Most of the time you can spot which site they are heading toward and you can't get awped. If you don't see any they are probably going B. This is important as winning the pistol on CT is very important on this map.
  20. Don't pre-nade long at dust_2 as CT unless a flash comes over. Also, run towards long backwards so you don't get blind.
  21. If you demolish a rushing T side at a certain site, they probably won't rush it again the next round.
  22. Always play the same map area as CT every round. If you want to swap, ask someone. Make sure to change your positioning on your area each round so you aren't predictable.
  23. If you use m4a1-s and run out of ammo, run through spawn to get a refill in the first 45 seconds. Works for any gun.
  24. Never, ever, EVER run in first with the bomb. If you are rushing, throw it back if you are at the front. Only exception being a vent drop on nuke or if you're showing the bomb to fake.
  25. On CT, suggest your strongest player to play the center role e.g. close short/mid on dust_2 and arches on inferno. You need this guy everywhere as soon as possible. If they would prefer to play another role, so be it.
  26. If you win a round as T and haven't planted, you can still plant the bomb for an extra $300.
  27. Keep an eye on your teammate's money. If they are unable to purchase a gun and you have an excess of money, drop them a gun so they can buy armor / grenades. Make sure they agree before you buy it so you don't double buy. If you are poor, hit them up for a drop if they are loaded. 2 AKs are better than an awp and a glock. (Thanks to CommunistPuppy for the last 2)
  28. If you hear the "tink!" of a bouncing flashbang, snap your mouse hard to the right immediately. Assume every "tink!" is a flashbang especially for you. Different nades make different bounce noises, so that will be something you need to learn on your own.
  29. If you are CT and are watching an area alone, announce when you are dropping it. Especially mid on dust_2. "Leaving mid to go to A." lets the B guys know the T side might come from mid unannounced.
  30. If you can, watch pro tournaments on twitch. Apart from all the knowledge you gain from watching the best in the world play, they are just damn fun to watch!
  31. You can only use a maximum of 55 armour per round, so don't rebuy unless you have a lot less than 55.
  32. If you already have a helmet from a previous round you only need to buy kevlar for $650 to repair both kevlar and helmet (no reason to spend $1000 again).
  33. If you are lucky enough to play with a really nice player who did better than you in game, add them as a friend and ask if they would like to lobby with you and give you pointers.

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