Monday, September 17, 2018

Heal Chronomancer Build Guide - Guild Wars 2 by Jaffas Youtube

Heal Chronomancer Build Guide - Guild Wars 2

Table of Content: Intro: 00:00 Theory-craft: 1:20 Build: 2:33 Rotation: 5:42 Standard Build (1743 Healing): Infusions Build (1832 Healing): Chaos Rotation Guide: IGN: Jaffa.1845 "Why 48% not 47% Boon Duration? You're over capping!" Triple stat gear such as cleric's, harrier's and berserker's are much more efficient with their stats than quad stat gear like Mintrel's, Marauder's, Commander's and so on. So in order to reduce the boon duration by that 1%, we'd need to replace some harrier's for minstrel's or use +5 Concentration infusions, which will turn out to be a loss of 11 to 24 healing power as as you're wasting healing power for an unrequired 4th stat such as toughness or vitality in minstrel's gear. Here are two max infusion builds to compare with. 47% Boon Duration Builds- Unoptimized: - Do Not Use! (1,821 Healing) (1,806 Healing)

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