Monday, January 15, 2018

Warframe Beginner's Guide Part 7 - How To Farm Corrupted Mods - Corrupted Vault Explained by BBKDRAGOON

Welcome back to the Warframe Beginner's Guide, covering How to Farm Corrupted Mods, what are the best corrupted mods for you to farm right now, the corrupted vault explained, and much more. Farming corrupted mods can be a really great way to really push the power of your Warframe further than ever before. The process of farming corrupted mods isn't very difficult especially if you have been following the guide but there are a handful of small steps you'll need to take before diving into the Orokin Derelict. Thanks for watching, if you found this helpful please thumbs the video up and subscribe for more! Sign up For Warframe! (Affiliate)

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