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League of Legends - 2:53 - Nidalee Lvl 4 Clear (Leashless) - Guide - Patch 7.18 by Call_me_Nidalee

Hi, I'm Call me Nidalee, this is a guide on how to get level 4 on Nidalee consistently around 2min53 even without a leash.
I'm going to explain how to clear every camp and which combo you should use to get a clear as fast as this one.
Here is the clear.
I used these runes and these masteries.

Trap Placement
Since the Patch 7.2, Nidalee can only place 4 traps level 1.
The best trap setup I found is two at raptorsone at wolf and one at blue.
Lots of people place 4 traps at raptors but to clear quickly wolf and blue I need a trap and it would cost too much mana to place 2 more traps during the clear.

You need only 5 pounces to kill raptors and to clear them quickly you must get a reset on each pounce (thanks to a mark or by killing an unit while you're in cougar form).
You will always use 2 AA between each pounce and focus the big raptors with your AA.
When the camp spawn you should place a new trap on raptors to put a new mark after the first pounce. You must wait for the raptors to spawn and to destroy your first trap or your first trap will despawn because of the 4 traps limit.
After placing your trap, transform in cougar and use your pounce as fast as possible followed by 2 AA on the big raptor (We could use an AA before the first pounce but to clear this camp we don't need this extra AA so we just lose around 0,5s).
Then pounce again and start kiting the raptors into the second trap you placed level one. Here you must use 1 AA on a little raptor so it will die on the forth pounce and give you another reset.
Then transform in human to AA the big raptor.
Then AA AA Pounce 2 more times to end the camp.

You have to be really greedy to clear the red as fast as possible. Don't be afraid to get AA'ed from the red.
You engage it with a spear max range followed by an AA and a trap to get another reset for your next pounce.
Then AA Takedown AA Pounce -> Start Kiting -> AA Spear AA -> Pounce In -> AA Q -> Start Kiting to raptors -> Use AA and Spear till the red has 73 Hp or less -> Use a last AA to finish the red (you can transform into cougar and pounce during the AA travel time, if you do it well your pounce will reset. During this clear I failed)

Engage with a spear mid range and use an AA before pouncing in.
You must pounce before the wolves proc the trap you placed level one to get a new mark on wolves which will reset your second pounce. This is why you don't use your spear at max range.
Then AA Takedown AA Pounce -> AA a little wolf and Spear the big wolf -> Start Kiting -> AA Twice the big wolf while kiting -> Pounce AA Takedown -> Kite -> Pounce and finish the second little wolf with an AA
You can kill the little wolves with your swipe instead of your pounce but you won't get your swipe CD (6s) for your first cougar spell rotation on the blue.

You need 2 rotations of cougar's spells to kill the blue. My blue's clear wasn't that clean so don't reproduce the combo in the video but the way to kite is right.
So you start blue with a Spear and an AA before pouncing in. Here you must pounce before the blue proc the trap you placed level 1, like at wolf.
Then AA Swipe AA Pounce AA Takedown (In the video I did the takedown after the swipe which is a mistake as it scales with %MissingHealth) -> Start Kiting -> AA Spear AA -> Pounce In AA Swipe AA Take down -> Start kiting to the Gromp
You want to let the blue with around 150 HP so you can kill him while doing the gromp.

After your second cougar's spell rotation, use a spear max range on Gromp and use an AA before kiting it to the wolf.
When the blue and Gromp are next to each others use your Swipe and Pounce on both to finish the blue and hit the gromp at the same time.
After that just kite the gromp till you have enough mana and health to use your spear and finish it in cougar.
Your cougar combo should be like this : Pounce AA Swipe AA Takedown
With AA between spells and the Takedown to finish the Gromp.

The skeleton of Nidalee's clear is to engage with a Spear -> 2 or 3 Cougar's Spell with AA between them -> Kite in human till you can use your cougar's spell again.
Some of you may say that this clear isn't optimized because you end up low HP but you can go to the scuttle crab and clear it with smite and end full life.
Sorry for the long post, I hope this was helpful. Thanks for reading,


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