Saturday, April 8, 2017

League of Legends - 5 easy things to stop doing in Bronze/Silver/Gold right NOW by EmilySC

Smurfed from Bronze to Plat and here are 5 things lower elo players constantly do and what they should be doing.
  1. As ADC, stop constantly going bot and pushing without vision past the river, or going bot post laning phase for ''YOUR CS'' let the TP toplaner do that if baron is up. Stop splitting as an ADC.
  2. As support stop 2v0ing bot lane if your tower goes down, in low elo the enemy support and ad will roam mid and try and siege turret, you should also roam to help defend and ward along the way.
  3. As support and jungle upgrade your trinkets, put a post it note somewhere or train yourself to get one asap when you can, being able to clear multiple wards around your jungle, the enemies and objectives is priceless. I guess this is stop being lazy with vision?
  4. Stop going back to AFK farming jungle/lanes after winning a team fight or ganking, push a lane in, take a tower or do something productive for the team. God this should be number 1.
  5. STOP trying to micro your high skill cap champions and start macroing the game, I get it, you play Zed and want to ''outplay xD'' your laner after a few mountain dews but struggle to carry when you have 4 kills in lane, is because you CANT macro. Work on knowing where you should be at all stages in the game and what you can be doing to most benefit your team.
Thanks, if you have any questions please ask me, ill be happy to help!

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