Friday, January 27, 2017

League of Legends - 3 things you can do with Ahri in order to improve by Whisper

Hi guys ! Whisper here ( D1/Master Ahri OTP on NA) I've been playing (500K OTP) ahri for almost 2 years now and wanted to share these 3 small tips that can make a big difference in your laning phase and overall playstyle.

-Tip #1 : Take Charm(E) level 2 instead of your fox-fire(W) :
Now you might already know this, but i see a lot of players take W over E when they hit level 2. The main difference is that if you hit level 2 first and go for a Charm+Q combo and follow up with auto attacks and ignite, you can easily get first blood or make the enemy laner blow flash. Taking W level 2 isnt really worth it since you will most likely never be close enough to hit the enemy laner with the 3 fox fires. Charm, on the other hand, gives you a real level 2 power spike that most people dont expect ahri to have.

-Tip #2 : Put a second point in Q instead of W when you hit level 3 :
When you put 2 points in Q at level 3, you can clear the caster minions with 2 Q's, which makes your push way better and safer since you wont have to last hit half the wave. Unless you are playing vs a champion with a better push, this will help you get lane priority, which means that you can help your jungler if he is invading,or just go for a more offensive ward in the enemy jungle side while your laner is busy hitting the wave. Then again, hitting a charm and following up with Q at level 3 will almost guarantee: 
  1. Blowing enemy summoner.
  2. Getting a kill.
  3. Zoning enemy laner away from wave.

-Tip #3 : You should never dash into the enemy laner with your ult :
Alright im going to go more into details for this one. Your ultimate should never be used as a primary damage tool, it should always be used to dodge the enemy skillshots or to reposition yourself so your Q hits on the way back. I see a lot of people straight up dashing into enemy champions to apply the damage from the ultimate , without realizing how it can put them in a really dangerous situation. Always remember that ahri is very squishy, and the way you use your ultimate is what really makes the difference between average, good and really good ahri players.

So yeah, these are the 3 tips that i really wanted to share with you guys. Sorry for the typing mistakes or grammars one, i really tried my best (english isnt my native language) if you have more questions about ahri or disagree with what i said, make sure to comment your opinion ! i would love to see what you guys think of this !

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