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Path of Exile [3.0]: Ngamahu's Ball Toss Berserker (Cyclone & Molten Strike) - Build Guide by Engineering Eternity

Table of Contents

Introduction: 00:21
Build Summary: 02:06
Pros & Cons: 05:28
Class & Ascendancy Options: 06:06
Passive Tree & Progression: 06:58
Gem Links: 09:12
Gearing & Flasks: 10:18
Leveling Tips: 14:50
Variations: N/A
Conclusion: 16:55

Leveling Passive Trees
Level 30: http://poeurl.com/bwGR 
Level 50: http://poeurl.com/bwGQ
Level 70: http://poeurl.com/bwGK

PoE Account Page:

Character Showcased:

Friday, October 13, 2017

League of Legends - Malphite Top Lane Guide by Noxro

Today I'll be covering Top Lane Malphite for Season 7, Patch 7.19. I'm going to cover his Pros & Cons, Masteries, Runes, Summoners, Abilities, Skill Order, Lane Phase, Teamfighting, Hard Matchups, and Item Build.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - A 30 Min Guide to Improve Your Aim/Reflexes by ImThour

Before starting, I would like to tell you that this training will take only 30 Minutes. I found a great way with the same old maps you already played but this time, our approach will be different. Hope you will have a good read!
Practice #1 - Aim Warmup (10 Mins is Max):
What we have to do on this Map:
  • Click on Aimbotz Challenge, Select 90 degrees in challenge mode and 100 Kills.
  • Do it 4 times with AK47 (100 Kills), M4A1/M4A4 (100 Kills), Glock (100 Kills) and USP/P2000 (100 Kills) making it a total of 400 Kills.
  • Try only taps, No spray or burst required. Doesn't matter if you do slow in the first, regular work will automatically make you faster.
Practice #2 - Reflex Warmup (10 Mins is Max):
Settings for this Map: Settings for this Map
What we have to do on this Map:
  • Set your Map settings as shown in the picture above
  • Select AK/M4 and click start
  • Once completed, you can go on Stage 2 and Stage 3 and similarly all the stages.
  • There are 5 Stages which makes the maximum time to spend on this map is 10 Minutes.
Practice #3 - Retake Servers (1 Full Game is Recommended):
  • Find the nearest retake server: CS:GO Retake Servers
  • Play Atleast 1 Full Game
  • If you didn't played retake before, A Small Description for you: In this map, There will be 5v5 situation, T will plant and defend the bomb plant while CT will try to push the site and defuse the bomb. Real clutches happens here.
Some Tips:
  • do not prefer going to Valve Casual/DM, Community Servers FFA DM and Retakes are filled up with better players. So if you want to get good, play with good players
  • This whole training will take about 30 minutes a day but will have great impact on your skills within a week if done properly.
  • Practicing Recoil is not necessary, You will get that by time and the more you play. Bursting is the best option available to get a better KDR.
  • KZ servers are extremely helpful in learning better mouse movement therefore increasing aim. Thanks to -Char_13
  • Excessive Playing will ruin your game play, So do not play constantly. Stand up and have some good walk or exercise after a game.
  • Drinking Water while playing is the best option to stay calm and focused.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Fortnite Battle Royale - Tips for newer players and overall thoughts on this BR mode by twitchpolice

Hello everybody,
As a player with hundreds of games in this BR mode I just wanted to share my thoughts with you on some things.
First I want to say that this game is the only one I play atm. Before it came out, I played a lot of different games but with F:BR it changed - that is how good it is already.
I played alot of H1Z1 (over 1000h) and pubg (over 1000h) and while I enjoyed both, I always had the feeling that they are really unfinished and that I miss something in every single match.
When F:BR came out I played it and feeled so relaxed. There was basically no bug, no lag, no bad game experience in general! That was completely new to me! I could enjoy it from minute one until now and I sure will enjoy it the next months.
Sure there are a couple of tweaks and features that are still missing, but nothing to great of a deal.
If I had to rate this game I would rate it 11/10 for sure. And it's free! A gamer dream come true!
Here are my solo Q tips for newer players:
  • in your first games get used to the pickaxe first; land in a less crowded area, use it and destroy some things to get used to it
  • the pickaxe does 11 damage per hit to ppl; don't land and try to kill somebody pubg-style - go find a gun first
  • hit the blue circle with your pickaxe to destroy things faster
  • in your first games play around with the construction mechanic: build some stairs, walls and doors with different materials; it will win you games if you do so and loses you games if you don't; to make a door in your wall (PC): Q (for building) > G (for editing) > remove middle and bottom middle tile > confirm = you made a wall with a door
  • if you have to cross an open field in order to get to the safe zone and you get shot, don't try to reach cover like in pubg, BUILD IT! :) it is really fast to build a wall: just press Q and confirm with left mouse
  • different material has different sturdiness with metal being the sturdiest followed by stone and wood
  • different material has different building times with wood being the fastest followed by stone and metal
  • you dont have to wait for a stair to be finished, just place it and you immediatelly can step on it even it is is still under construction!
  • metal walls can absorb the most bullets before it breaks
  • if you just build a wall its construction is'nt finished instant but it immediately blocks line of sight (somewhat), pathing and a couple of bullets or even a rocket; use that knowledge to protect you from heavy fire or to block the enemy from chasing you in buildings
  • you need 10 wood to build a single part of whatever you want
  • always try to carry at least 100-200 wood since it is really easy to farm (trees, fences, etc)
  • some objects are one-hit with your pickaxe! if you know which you can use that to your advantage in case you run from an enemy and have no gun and no ressources to wall him out of sight, try to destroy small one-hit-objects like a chair, big garage door, wooden fence, cupboard, cabinet, salad in fields or some other small object to generate 10 ressources fast and wall your enemy out of sight quickly
  • use traps! try to find more than one trap and get used to it how you switch between them (for PC players the standard key bind to switch between floor and wall trap is: Q > f5 > T)
  • be careful if you build stairs or buildings to highly - enemies can shot them and you will fall to death
  • only sniper bullets have a travel time and bullet drop
  • loot chests make a "shiny" noise! the closer you are the louder it gets; that way you can locate it even through walls!
  • running makes the loudest noise, crouching without running the least noisy sound (good for sneaking)
  • you can destroy EVERYTHING with your pickaxe AND with your guns and rockets and grenades; cover is only as good as the enemies explosives and bullets; use that to your advantage in gun fights
  • while dropping from the battle bus don't fly while looking to the horizon, it's not the fastest way to reach a far destination - try to drop in an 20°-30° angle instead
  • if you want to reach a very far destination to loot open up your glider early, that way you can reach every point on the map regardless how far away it may be from the bus
  • there are no "best" looting spots; you can get good loot in every single house on the map even if you drop in a single house somewhere in nowhere
  • if you have trouble to loot a player: switch to your pickaxe and loot the bullets that way; you can't pick up guns when you have your axe out and wont switch guns
  • running adds a little dusty graphic effect to you and everybody else can see it too! If you run on an open field a far distant player cant hear you but he can easily spot you because of that! try not to run all time or use cover to disguise the dust you make
  • in nearly every house are ammo boxes! they are dark green and small; they are key to win in gunfights because you wont run out of ammo that fast; I always check buildings even if they are "looted" because everybody ignores the ammo boxes; it's kinda insane
  • late game everybody builds a base... while sometimes its a good idea to do so I have the feeling that it is a giant "throw explosives here"-sign to everybody; I won by far the most games without building a base but to use natural cover to disguise my position instead; I only build late game when I am in a situation of acute danger to safe my butt
  • there is NO free look in this game! take advantage of that and sneak up on people! They DONT have eyes in the back :)
  • you can drop bullets and bandages from your inventory to share it with friends
  • JUMP in close combat gunfights and use a shotgun doing so!
  • use the construction mechanic to confuse your opponent in town fights! if you get hunted build a stair to a roof and walk around a corner; your enemy now has to consider more optoins and you are more likely to win the hide and seek minigame
  • if you chase an enemy through a town, try build stairs to get on rooftops and jump down the other side to cut of his path
  • there is falling damage in the game so be careful
  • if you have to get of off a mountain fast, dont just hope to survive the drop, use your building mechanic and build stairs left and right while dropping down on them at the hillside; it is really fast and safe since your are somewhat protected if you get shot from above
  • use bushes! they are really op!
  • shoot to kill, not to fight! honstly I can understand if you want to have the most fun and action possible but if you want to win, dont shoot everything you see!!! even with the accuracy buffs to all assault rifles, they are still quite bad in long distance fights; usually you have only a few bullets at the start of the game, so use them wisely and only if you have a high chance of securing a kill to get more bullets
  • somebody camps in a building? destroy it with explosives! he will regret his playstyle fast
  • the fastest way to collect metal is cars and bridges but be careful destroying a metal object may be louder than destroying a tree!
  • some cars have an alarm system! careful if you are not sure you are alone in that area
  • orange > purple > blue > green > white is the quality of guns
  • the higher the quality of a gun the more accurate the gun and ofc the higher the damage!
  • you can't edit a structure created by an enemy
  • crouching without moving gives you the best accuracy
  • moving while aiming will reduce your accuracy; more so, if you strafe on top of that
  • Rocket Launcher and Grenade Launcher are quite rare. If you find one, keep it. Their value in late game situations is unbelievable!
  • In some close combat situations your can rocket-kill an enemy with a rocket launcher and survive. To do so you need to shoot the ground behind your enemy. He is closer to the impact and will take way more damage and dies instantly - if you have a shield potion you are more likely to survive that obv
  • high ground is really valuable; if the circle gets smaller try to build your way up on a hill and destroy the last two of your stairs behind you (maybe with a rocket); that way you have a huge advantage and can get down fast if needed
  • the burst rifle is stronger than you think in mid range fights!
  • you CANT rocket jump in this game! FeelsBadMan
  • if you are in the storm, the damage will cancel the loot animation!
  • if you are in the storm, the damage will not cancel healing!
  • if you are in the storm, you still can loot if you start the looting shortly after you took damage!!!
  • shield potions will not protect you from the storm or falling damage
  • try to move with the circle to avoid getting shot in the back
  • use crouch moving as often as possible!
  • the scoped assault rifle has hit scan like all the other guns except sniper rifles - that is why the scoped AR is considered op at its current state
  • sequisha has the most sexy stache on the twitch! check his stream on twitch if you want to see a really good F:BR player

Things they should NEVER add:
Vehicles faster than a bicycle You read it right. I am not one of those players who is against vehicles entirely but if they add some they shouldnt be faster than a bicycle. Just a little faster (maybe 30%) than running speed.
Free-look mechanic I know a lot of streamers and players want that but honestly: it would completely ruin this game! Right now you HAVE to be really careful when you walk around or camp. You just can't run in one direction and look backwards to check your surroundings. If you want to do so you need to slow down a bit and actively turn around your cam. The other aspect of a missing free-look mechanic is the fact that sneaking up on somebody is actually possible. If you ever change that, people are more likely to camp without great risk because they know that sneaky players can't be sure where the enemy is looking at. Right now you know for sure that an enemy who turned his back to you has no idea where you are. That is a REALLY great thing in a 3rd person game! Please keep it that way.
Louder crouching sound Yes, I know, a lot of you guys think that it is "op" that crouching is that quiet but honestly, if you tune up the crouch volume you take away the sneakier playstyle and reward camping even more! In pubg the crouching is really really loud and you basically can't sneak up on somebody, unless there is a plane, gunfight, car or airstrikes covering up your sounds. That rewards campers and discourages players who want to try to push/sneak up to a house/base or whatever somebody uses to hide/camp/defend. I know reallife arguments in games are pretty stupid but I will make one just for this case: Imagine you sneaking up on your boy- or girlfriend to scare them. You don't even crouch and you are barely hearable if you are careful. But ok, reallife argument, I know but speaking game balance: It's just not right to give campers even more advantages. Let them be in fear at least.
I hope you had a good time reading and maybe it helped newer players!

Friday, October 6, 2017

League of Legends - Top 10 Educational League Videos September 2017 by Randomonium

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Randomonium

Honorable Mention
Exil - MASSIVE! NA LCS Changes Coming! JANNA HOTFIX! World's Pick 'EM and More!

10. ValkrinValkrin teaches girlfriend to play League of Legends
How League of Legends Changed My Life

9. LSLS Logic - Catch-up Experience, Junglers & their lackluster laners


7. Dong HuapRuler is Korea's most Aggressive ADC


5. Micky AspireHow To Prevent Tilt

4. Commando YiS7 Jungling Tips - Low Risk Counter Jungling | League of Legends
S7 Jungling Tips - Decision Making 40 | League of Legends

3. KBVTVProper League Player Etiquette

2. xFSN Saber[Diamond IV] Caitlyn vs Ezreal | Three Step Method | Figuring out what you want

1. WickdHow to optimize keybindings for league of legends?
Find out what happens in the mind of a high elo player during a game

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Blade and Soul - Forcemaster Guide - Easy Burn build and rotation by Licod Games

Hi there, I'm just an average Forcemaster player in JP.
This video will go over the build/spec and rotation for Fire Forcemaster that I use. 
I hope that everyone watching can take something positive away from this video. 

Monday, October 2, 2017

OVERWATCH - Best way to train aim tracking - Interval aim tracking by inuse

I have tried alot of ways to practice aim in the past. and I actually came up with the one thats the best for me. Since it is in high intensity, it involves intervals (it will be explained in the video that I link you) what you want to do is to play against two lucio bot and every time that one lucio boops you track the next one. Its hard to explain exactly how to do this, you should try to watch the video and understand yourselves :D

Friday, September 29, 2017

League of Legends - RUNES REFORGED - SHEN TOP GUIDE! by Tricky Travster

Shen Top lane guide with the new runes reforged! Shen is looking really good with these new changes. I can't wait to get on the rift with these bad ninja flippin runes!


Runes/Masteries: http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=She...


twitter: https://twitter.com/trickytravster

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Fortnite Battle Royale Tutorial - PC/XB1/PS4 by MrPopoTFS

Fortnite Battle Royale. What is it? How do you play? What are my goals? Wait...You can build bases? If any of these are your questions then this tutorial is for you. This is an unofficial tutorial relating to all of the basics involved in the game. All video used is from actual in game footage. I hope this helps anyone who has questions about the game, and hope to see you out there! 

Fortnite Battle Royale goes Free to Play on September 26th 2017 and is also introducing 4 man Squads so you can play with your friends!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Dark Souls 3 - List of Hidden Mechanics by JetStrim

No Particular Order (just listing what pops up on my mind)

1) Weapon Arts - (Unless Edited) Press L2 to perform the main hand / off hand weapons Weapon Art.

2) Estus Chugging - Mash the Use Item button to continuously chug it.

3) Ladder Battle Mechanics - You can punch upward or kick downward to attack enemies while climbing ladders (Either R1 or R2 forgot what the kick and punch is). being hit with this drains stamina. drain their stamina and the will fall the ladder.

4) Ladder Estus Chugging - Well, you can chug that estus while climbing.

5) Summoning - Has 30 Seconds Cooldown per summon (I haven't tried it, anyone confirm?)

6) Phantom difficulty - The more friendly phantoms you have, the more the enemies HP adjusts

7) Password Summoning Scale Down - If the character being summoned is much much overpowered compared to the host, the phantom would be scaled down to close to the level of the Host.

8) Purple Summon Signs - summons Mad Spirit, It's on their own decision if he will help or kill the host. (common knowledge, but helpful for starters who doesn't know this as this covenant is kinda hidden)

9) Frost Status Effect - Increase damage and slows stamina regen if inflicted. When proced, will deal 10% HP damage, you can remove frost effect with any fire based damage.

10) Curse Status Effect - Insta kills you if the built up finished

11) Being Embered - it makes you open for Invasion that means PvP. (some are NPC but surely most of the time it's Players, sometimes, name hint's if it's a player)

12) Location Population - during location pick on bonfire, you will see an icon (don't know what that is) that means it has more population at that area in range of your SL and weapon upgrade. more icons = more people.

Edit 1 as added by itztaytay (also edited the others on top as he clarifies some of them):

1) 2 Handing Weapons - Performs stronger attack or more stability to shield while 2 handed, some weapons are special in which you will be equipping two types of weapons or shield instead. Press (unless edited) "Triangle" or "Y" button for main hand 2 hand and hold down the button for off hand 2 hand.
2) Torch - Removes leeches. certain enemies apply leeches to your character that builds bleed status on a long duration (about 2 or 3 bleed procs based on experience) equip a torch to remove them.
3) Dried Fingers - a special item for you to increase number of friendly summons by 1, but increase the chances of invaders and its maximum number by 1.
4) Quick Item / Magic Switch - Hold down the switch Item / switch Magic button to switch the selection to the first equiped item / magic
5) All statuses have Hp scaling (Frost, Bleed, Poison, Toxic, Curse) and is the ONLY way they scale. Increasing buildup will let you proc the effect faster but does not change the damage at all, only the enemy's max Hp does that. (also storyteller staff is way better than normal poison for some reason)

Edit 2 as added by Emad-520 (Some of his contributions are edited above, others are bellow):

1) Dying as an Invader - If you die during invasion, it drops your souls on the location of your death.
2) Being Blue Phantoms - Killing players with the covenant "Watchdogs of Farron" and "Aldrich Faithfuls" won't give you rewards.

Edit 3:

1) Poise - the ability to withstand an attack. only works on certain type of weapons during attack. (correct me here)
2) Hollowing Level - is increased everytime you die, the number of increase is based on the number of dark sigils on your inventory
3) Alluring skulls works on NPC invaders
4) Ladder Jump - tap the run button twice.

Friday, September 22, 2017

League of Legends - 2:53 - Nidalee Lvl 4 Clear (Leashless) - Guide - Patch 7.18 by Call_me_Nidalee

Hi, I'm Call me Nidalee, this is a guide on how to get level 4 on Nidalee consistently around 2min53 even without a leash.
I'm going to explain how to clear every camp and which combo you should use to get a clear as fast as this one.
Here is the clear.
I used these runes and these masteries.

Trap Placement
Since the Patch 7.2, Nidalee can only place 4 traps level 1.
The best trap setup I found is two at raptorsone at wolf and one at blue.
Lots of people place 4 traps at raptors but to clear quickly wolf and blue I need a trap and it would cost too much mana to place 2 more traps during the clear.

You need only 5 pounces to kill raptors and to clear them quickly you must get a reset on each pounce (thanks to a mark or by killing an unit while you're in cougar form).
You will always use 2 AA between each pounce and focus the big raptors with your AA.
When the camp spawn you should place a new trap on raptors to put a new mark after the first pounce. You must wait for the raptors to spawn and to destroy your first trap or your first trap will despawn because of the 4 traps limit.
After placing your trap, transform in cougar and use your pounce as fast as possible followed by 2 AA on the big raptor (We could use an AA before the first pounce but to clear this camp we don't need this extra AA so we just lose around 0,5s).
Then pounce again and start kiting the raptors into the second trap you placed level one. Here you must use 1 AA on a little raptor so it will die on the forth pounce and give you another reset.
Then transform in human to AA the big raptor.
Then AA AA Pounce 2 more times to end the camp.

You have to be really greedy to clear the red as fast as possible. Don't be afraid to get AA'ed from the red.
You engage it with a spear max range followed by an AA and a trap to get another reset for your next pounce.
Then AA Takedown AA Pounce -> Start Kiting -> AA Spear AA -> Pounce In -> AA Q -> Start Kiting to raptors -> Use AA and Spear till the red has 73 Hp or less -> Use a last AA to finish the red (you can transform into cougar and pounce during the AA travel time, if you do it well your pounce will reset. During this clear I failed)

Engage with a spear mid range and use an AA before pouncing in.
You must pounce before the wolves proc the trap you placed level one to get a new mark on wolves which will reset your second pounce. This is why you don't use your spear at max range.
Then AA Takedown AA Pounce -> AA a little wolf and Spear the big wolf -> Start Kiting -> AA Twice the big wolf while kiting -> Pounce AA Takedown -> Kite -> Pounce and finish the second little wolf with an AA
You can kill the little wolves with your swipe instead of your pounce but you won't get your swipe CD (6s) for your first cougar spell rotation on the blue.

You need 2 rotations of cougar's spells to kill the blue. My blue's clear wasn't that clean so don't reproduce the combo in the video but the way to kite is right.
So you start blue with a Spear and an AA before pouncing in. Here you must pounce before the blue proc the trap you placed level 1, like at wolf.
Then AA Swipe AA Pounce AA Takedown (In the video I did the takedown after the swipe which is a mistake as it scales with %MissingHealth) -> Start Kiting -> AA Spear AA -> Pounce In AA Swipe AA Take down -> Start kiting to the Gromp
You want to let the blue with around 150 HP so you can kill him while doing the gromp.

After your second cougar's spell rotation, use a spear max range on Gromp and use an AA before kiting it to the wolf.
When the blue and Gromp are next to each others use your Swipe and Pounce on both to finish the blue and hit the gromp at the same time.
After that just kite the gromp till you have enough mana and health to use your spear and finish it in cougar.
Your cougar combo should be like this : Pounce AA Swipe AA Takedown
With AA between spells and the Takedown to finish the Gromp.

The skeleton of Nidalee's clear is to engage with a Spear -> 2 or 3 Cougar's Spell with AA between them -> Kite in human till you can use your cougar's spell again.
Some of you may say that this clear isn't optimized because you end up low HP but you can go to the scuttle crab and clear it with smite and end full life.
Sorry for the long post, I hope this was helpful. Thanks for reading,