Thursday, December 1, 2016

League of Legends - "How To Get Diamond" Guide Series. Simplified, Understandable videos by Professor Akali

Hi everyone, Creator of the Mid Lane 101 Series here! I had been working on a "How to get diamond" series for the past few months now on and off. The goal of this series was to create quality videos that get straight to the point and are easily understandable, rather than going off on multiple tangents in order to collect as much Ad revenue as possible by forcing the video length over 10 minutes like some other video makers.

I have around 50 video topics and have just released the first 8 videos, and will be doing a daily video every day until new years eve. As always, any and all criticism and feedback is highly appreciated, and I hope you guys are able to benefit from this!

Series Playlist:

Individual Links:

How To Get Diamond: How & When To Freeze Wave -

How To Get Diamond: How To Abuse Champion Cooldowns -

How To Get Diamond: How To Build A Champion Pool -

How To Get Diamond: Why LCS Players Never Blame Team -

How To Get Diamond: Splitpushing vs. Grouping -

How To Get Diamond: How To Avoid Getting Ganked! -

How To Get Diamond: CS vs. Kills -


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