Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends - Beginner Raptor Deck v2.0 - AP Sustain by The Killer Bits

Chronicle: Runescape Legends is a free to play collectible card game (CCG) available on steam .

Recently in Chronicle, Jagex moved some cards into the start set, expanding it and increasing the options for new players. So, it seemed pertinent to update my beginner deck series to reflect the newer options, and provide better decks.

So today, we have The Raptor fitting his tanky archetype with a base attack building, healing deck. This deck is incredibly cheap with only 2 sapphire cards. All other cards are starter, or obtained by levelling the character. Perfect for new players!

Expanding on their popular RuneScape franchise, with Chronicle Jagex Game Studios are following the trend of creating their own collectible card battler. But instead battling their opponent directly players must, in part, fight their own decks across 5 chapters collecting coins to purchase weapons and utility cards.

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Deck List:Support
Ali Morissane x2
Cabbage x2
Adamant Armour x2
Romily Weaklax x2
Nastroth x2
Solomon Madini
Stamina Potion x2

CreatureKGP Agent x2
Black Arm Bandit x2
Zombie Crew x2
Jubbly Bird x2
Skeleton Warrior x2
Kalphite Worker x2
Ice Nihil
Goblin Flashmob x2


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