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No Man´s Sky - The Definitive Money Making Guide by micro_monsta

I've noticed a few articles explaining how people are making vast amounts of money in a short space of time, but I've not seen an article that combines all the current knows methods.

Lets change that.

Before Starting
  • ** PLEASE NOTE: All the blue links are either to the wiki or reddit. **
  • I'm not adding the duplication cheat to this list, its a glitch, its easy to find, its reported on every website, its that common I've seen it scrawled on the back of toilet doors next to old meg's phone number, if thats what you're looking for its easy to find elsewhere. this guide is for ingame methods without cheating or glitching (although some glitches may be covered).
  • All prices, traders or space stations, are randomly generated, that being said, if you travel back to a previous station the prices will remain the same. - Must mention, if you check the store first, it can glitch the traders, making them show the same prices as the store does, its best to check traders first.
  • Anything marked with an (S) means it will attract hostile sentinels instantly. (depending on planets sentinel status, planets with no sentinels will attract... you guessed it, no sentinels.)
  • When arriving at a new Star System always check the space station trader, this will show you the prices in this system and more importantly, what you can obtain in the current System. - So if I see for instance Vortex Cubes, that means located somewhere on one of the planets, there's Vortex Cubes to pick up. (note - doesn't show EVERYTHING in a star system, it just shows what you can get 100% of the time, other elements and items can still be found)
  • Each Star system always has one of these expensive item spawns on a planet, the problem is finding them, you're best bet is to find a planet where they are littered among the surface.
  • When grabbing these items utilize the "punch-jump" technique to escape the sentinels with ease.
  • The shells/Cases/Plants/sacks containing these items, when viewed will be named "UNKNOWN". they have to be opened to gain access to the item inside.
  • As far as i'm aware, when using the scanner, there items will be shown as a green marker with a white exclamation mark.
  • People have reported that certain items are not marked on the scanner, other have reported they are, for now I'm considering this to be a glitch with the scanner.
stacking unstackable items - known glitch
NOTE: If your game crashes, you quit or load a save game with these "glitched stacks" they will revert back to one single item, losing however many you had in the stack.
  • 1) find any upgrade recipe that requires +2 or more "unstackable items"
  • 2) fill inventory leaving one space for each item name in the list of returned items, e.g "returns 1 iron and 10 vortex cubes" leave only 2 spaces.
  • 3) Build one, dismantle, you will now have 1 "unstackable item" that says 1/100, meaning it stacks to 100 now.
  • 4) You now have room for 100 "unstackable items" in one inventory slot. You can move it between ship/suit, too - just never sell the last one in that stack, or you will have to repeat the process.
Venom sac/ Sac Venom (S)
  • These are what appear to be small bumpy orbs, found on planet surfaces and underwater.
  • If you approach one, spikes will erupt from the surface dealing a small amount of damage.
  • They are collected using the mining beam.
Vortex cube (S)
  • Found on planet surfaces and in caves.
  • Can be found in two states: Red, glowing, spinning cube on a small black spike (looks nothing like the item image)
Small grey/black round-bottomed cube with blue lines. (looks exactly like the item image)

Albumen Pearl (S)
  • Found enclosed in shells that resemble plants.
  • The shell is either green and shaped like an egg or red and shaped like a pumpkin.
  • The pearl, which is bright green, must be collected after opening the shell
Gravitino Ball (S)
  • Small and large green balls, none bigger than players view height.
  • Found on the surface of planets.
  • Can also appear in a "standing" plant, when you get closer, it opens up.
  • As the player walks closer to the ball, they will shine brighter
  • Reported that other colours have been found, most commonly purple.
  • Found underwater on planets.
  • Small circular plate, grey or blue in colour.
  • Can be very difficult to reach due to depth and overlapping flora.
Lazy Person Trading Co (space station/afk trading)
When you see another ship on any landing pad (space stations work best), you have the option to trade with them.
  • each trader has their own prices compared to the galactic market.
  • each traders prices are randomly generated upon spawning.
  • it is possible to make widely fluctuating profits from trading ship to ship, all without having to leave the space station.
  • You can also buy from the ships that sell cheap and sell to the space station.
  • Buy and Sell only when things are green, Red and green flip between buy and sell. very confusing at first.
  • Don't ever buy things with the star icon, Star = item price is around 100% higher than average. sell your things if they have a star. but don't buy them!
Star System Trading
I'm sure you already know, but you can sell items to the galactic market, however what you may not know is on each item it will show you that stations difference in price compared to the galactic market norm.

Buying items for a low price, traveling to another star system and selling them for a higher price is a valid option.
  • All prices in star systems are randomly generated
  • Prices can vary massively, reports claim anywhere from -500% to +500%, possibly netting you a massive profit.
  • If you haven't learned how to craft a warp cell without buying items from the traders you will have to take this extra cost into account.
  • Buy and Sell only when things are green, Red and green flip between buy and sell. very confusing at first.
  • Don't ever buy things with the star icon, Star = item price is around 100% higher than average. sell your things if they have a star. but don't buy them!
  • Trade Hubs can vary drastically in the buy and trade price, some even selling items and buying them back for more, this is most likely a glitch.
Ship Scrapping
It is possible to scrap components from the crashed ships you can find via distress signals, however, it does require some ability to pilot and being able to remember where you parked.
  • PLEASE NOTE - When stripping crashed ships be very careful when switching between the two. If the game crashes or you just exit the game, your old ship will be gone when you reload the save. Once you reclaim your old ship, enter and exit it to make sure it saves.
  • Find a crashed ship via a distress signal, these can be found when interacting with a transmission station.
  • Land your ship close to to the crashed vessel, this is extremely important. you don't want to forget where you parked it.
  • trade ships and it is now possible to scrap all the tech within this abandoned ship, collecting very rare and valuable resources.
  • After you have finished scrapping, approach your original landing ship, and re-claim it. as your own. (unless you chose to keep the new ship)
  • Due to a *glitch** you can re-use the terminal at any GEK transmission station, allowing you to find as many crashed ships as you like, all from one station. - *soon to be patched.**
Piracy - The ultimate fast-cash (requires a capable ship and capable pilot) (S!) (S!) (S!)
We've all seen them, the frigates that warp in holding layer after layer of valuable cargo. Until late game i never tried piracy, i wish i had been doing it from day one.
  • Don't waste your time on the small ships, its simply not worth it.
  • Frigates come in various shapes and sizes
  • before attacking, fly around the ship a few times, locate the cargo containers and the weapon placements.
  • You never lose relations with a faction, no matter what frigate you attack or how many.
  • Take out the weapon placements first.
  • The resources from the containers usually shoot back in the direction the bullets/lasers were fired from, keep this in mind.
  • With 25 spaces filled, the contents can be sold for upwards of 500K
  • The whole process takes less than 5 minutes!
I estimate you could easily make over 10 million per hour with this method.

Farming & tips (massive thanks to these people! keep them coming!):
z1rconium - Gravitino balls can also appear in a "standing" plant, when you get closer, it opens up and the gravitino appears.

stratospaly - When collecting Venom Sacs, use the Boltcaster mod Wideshot Adaptor, you can 1 snot snipe all the balls and the Sentries completely ignore you.

madsciencestache - Tip: Buy and Sell only when things are green. I kept thinking red+star was a low price and I should buy. Red and green flip between buy and sell. Whoops. (I am horribly dyslexic with numbers so that's why it took me a while to figure that out.)

sinnerhp - I found a trade hub in my 3rd star system that offered Suspension Fluid for $2200, but would buy it back for $22,000.... So I kept buying and selling it! $$$$$!!

ZepBonham - You can stack Gravatino balls, unlike the other high value items. By dismantling the starship tech that requires 10 Gravatino balls, you can now store 100 balls in one spot. This allows you to go on a hike, collect 100+ balls at a time and sell them for over 3 million units. In last two days I've collected over 40 million units on this method alone.

PM_TxxxxxxxxSexyBits - little pro tip when farming rare items that gives you 3 stars, kill all but 1 sentinel let it call in the walker and give you 5 stars once you got this kill the remaining sentinels and they wont bother you again until you leave the planet or log out. i find it very useful when on long farming trips.

LoveExperimentation - Another great thing about piracy: You can attack and collect as much as you want and even if you die it'll remain at your grave. So when you respawn you can easily go collect it.

Special Thanks To:
Firebane - Reminding me of aquaspheres.

JawesomeJess - Pointing out that i don't know anything about space. Post updated with correct terminology :)

Griffinith - Opening the idea of scrapping abandoned ships.

vidyagames - Teaching me a lesson - Opening the Trading Section.

Rusynlancer - Piracy - before i had chance to finish writing, this guy is the re-incarnation of blackbeard :P

TheNatanx - pointing out glitch for scrapper and upcoming patch to fix it.

ProfitOfRegret - pointing out a major issue in scrapping ships, added to main post

DawnBlue - linked some really good guides and tips in comment section, added most to main post - constantly updating on things to add and change to make the post even better, thank you very much for all your help!

My Other Guides
Helpful Community Guides:
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