Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Division - 1.2 Clear Sky - 5 minute speed run guide by I Survive

Clear Sky is the new incursion for the 1.2 update that hit on the 24th May 2016. We made it our mission to complete the run as fast as possible, and we finally did a sub 5 minute run.. coming in at 4:58. If you ignore the run from mission start to the first set of mobs the time would be 4:27.

The run and voice guide can be found here:

We picked up a few tricks along the way to help speed the run up (No cheesing, legit strats).

  • Run two, or three, attack signatures with one defensive. Rotate the attack signatures for the first bomb wave, second bomb wave then the end mission boss.
  • It is possible to avoid all of the final wave mobs in the first area, you can run through the tunnel after breaching straight away.
  • You can activate the first laptop without being seen if you run up the left of the statue, so long as the mob on the left is turned around.
  • Have 2 skill power builds in the group, these will be picking up the fuses as using the booster shot will not make you drop the fuses, unlike a medkit.
  • 2 each side works on both areas for clearing, and is essential if you want the fuses to be placed at the same time.
  • Pop both survivor and attack signatures when the boss jumps down for an easy kill, then clear up as normal.
  • USE CONSUMABLES!!! seriously... just do it!
  • If you need to ult while moving the fuse, walk backwards as the speed buff won't work walking forwards.
  • Speed running for this incursion is not recommended for people under 200 Gear score, however some tips can still be applied!

Hope you enjoyed the guide and video, special thanks to Twirlyw00s, chuck0379 and ScroogeyMcDuck for going beast mode!

EDIT:If people are having trouble on PC, and I mean REAL trouble completing it, pm me your uplay and I'll see if I can help you out.

EDIT2: I'm going to stream the incursion over at - If anyone want's to join in hit me up on there!

See you on the field!


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