Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Dark Souls 3 - Beginner Guide by Mild-Mannered Pate

Hello there! Traveling all alone in these treacherous times? You needn't fear; I, Pate, can offer some simple advice to help you through your no doubt trying journey. Please, take a seat at this bonfire, and listen a bit. And please, if you would rather your journey to be fresh in your mind, and experience every pitfall and faltered step without my guidance or knowledge, then do not read forward. I will do my best to avoid spoiling any knowledge you may otherwise enjoy gaining yourself.

Traps in Dark Souls 3 As you may know by now, there are many ways in which a kindred spirit such as yourself is may be caught by a deadly surprise. Please study the following notes carefully, as they one day may save your precious souls.
  • Mimics are, as you may already know, an omnipresent threat to your...echem...treasure hunting. And as any treasure hunter will know, there are ways to spot a mimic before angering it with a sword swing. One of these such ways is carefully examining the chain attached to the chest. If the chain is pointing TOWARD you, it is safe to be looted. However, if the chain is pointing AWAY from you and curled slightly, you can trust that there is a mimic that lies in wait! A handy rhyme I use to remember this vital piece of information goes like so: "Chain pointing at me, an item lies for free. Chain pointing away, a mimic lies at bay."
  • If fighting a mimic is not within your martial ability, do not fret. There are ways in which you may hinder the mimic, without causing it any undo stress. By throwing an item known as the Alluring Skull, you may lull the mimic to slumber, and tease it's mouth to open. This allows you to pluck the item in question from the jaws of the beast, without risking your life in the process.
Fall Damage
  • Ahh yes, the threat of death by falling. You will never see me around edges, for I am deathly afraid of heights. But, if you are of the daring sort, and wish to cavort around ledges and rafters with ease, may I suggest the spell entitled "Spook". This is a useful bit of magic, and not only does it completely quiet your footsteps, it also negates all fall damage. This is very useful when being chased down by those who follow the darker path of invasions; and can be used to access places you may not regularly reach. As long as you can see solid ground where you leap, you may trust that Spook will leave you completely unscathed, every time.
Useful Items in Dark Souls 3 Many items can be obtained throughout your journey, and it would take ages for me to list off the many benefits to each. So to save you some time, I will list off only a few of my favorites.
Dried Finger
  • Yes, the Dried Finger is a strange sort of item, and I struggle to maintain my last meal whenever I touch its sickening surface. Yet, for all its repulsiveness, it does have a very clever use. Utilizing the Dried Finger increases the amount of warriors you may summon into your world to help you. Simply use the item, and watch as the white and gold shimmering signs of soap stones litter the ground, ripe for the summoning. If you are having particular trouble with a certain area, use this item to increase your cooperation. Jolly! echem
  • These amazing items will temporarily boost particular resistances to various elements, including bleeding, poison, and others. If you know you will be battling foes of a certain guile, or delving into hazardous places, I suggest stocking up on pellets a-plenty.
Errors and Glitches of Dark Souls 3 There are currently a few...happenings...in Dark Souls 3 that are, to my limited knowledge, quite strange. It is to your benefit to listen carefully in order to avoid common misunderstandings.
Errors in Summoning
  • You may notice in the course of your travels, strange occurrences between the fissures of the world when attempting to summon an individual, or when you are invaded by a wrongdoer. In your world, they may appear shining white as a phantom while invading, or even stranger, the host of another world. Use an abundance of caution, as invaders may be hiding behind the guise of a phantom or host. I prefer a more cautious approach. It's hard to know who to trust these days, and until this situation resolves itself, it is best to stick to simply summoning those with a white, purple, or yellow summon sign. Assume every invader has come for your souls and naught else, regardless of his or her outward appearance.
Estoc Stamina
  • At the moment, there has been a recent development with warriors whom rely on the long, piercing blade of the rapier family called the "Estoc". According to many I've heard, using this weapon will drain your stamina at a rate faster than normal. This has led to countless avoidable deaths at the hands of the simplest of foes. Until the best minds in Vinheim resolve this issue, I suggest you stay away from that weapon.

I do hope I have been helpful, and do be careful out there. There's talk of unsavory bandits who prey on travelers such as yourself.


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