Friday, May 27, 2016

Blade & Soul - Detailed Sundered Nexus guide (video + text) by stewpeed

In preparation for the new patch coming on the 1st of June, here is a quick rundown of the Sundered Nexus boss mechanics.
  • Full video guide - includes a lot of small excellent tips so make sure you watch the video as well.

First boss

  • Main boss in middle, adds around him in a circle / clock position (we might even call this the reddit room)
  • You need to find and kill the correct npc/add in order to activate the boss
  • Whenever you hit the wrong add the boss will get more HP
  • Pick up the bomb and start at your 12 o'clock
  • When the wrong add is hit by the bomb it will jump in the air and you'll need to kill it before you can continue
  • Depending on how high the add flies from the bomb detonation you need to rotate properly to find the correct add asap
  • If the add flies high enough rotate to the right. If it's a small jump animation rotate to the left
  • This way you'll be able to find the correct add really quickly spawning the boss with a relatively small HP pool
  • Kill the boss and carry on

Second boss

  • Classical DPS and iframe fight with a few twists
  • Special attacks include a series of 3 consecutive jumps (red AOE) - 3rd one hurts a lot plus you'll get knocked down so make sure you dodge at least the third one.
  • The boss will also try to charge so make sure you block it and keep him in a place, it will make things easier.
  • At the second phase the Boss will use a special attack throwing out a saw/disc (?). You need to line up behind somebody who can block (a BM for example or KFM or WL). If you fail to line up the disc will bounce around between the party members and you'll be toasted (applies a painful dot)
  • At recharge phase the boss needs to be CC-ed with the correct form of CC (Daze = Red, Knockdown = Green and Stun = Blue)
  • The order of the CC types will be random.
  • The type of CC will be announced just like any other announcement in the top middle of the screen (ex: Trigger Flower Surge by inflicting Stun - translations might be different).
  • After the CC phase the boss will do a huge AOE; dodge then all in
  • IMPORTANT: If you mess up the CC phase the boss will get a shield/buff reducing incoming damage by 90% which lasts until he gets back again in the recharge/CC phase. So make sure you get the CC right, it's crucial.

Third boss

  • There are 3 phases for this boss fight.
  • First phase nothing special just DPS and dodge stuff
  • In the second phase the boss will target a ranged player - furthest player to be more precise (you'll see a blue aura under your feet) - this means the boss will throw some drills after you. You will need to kite and DON'T allow the drills to stack.
  • Everyone (except the tank) need to kill the drills ASAP!!!
  • If you fail to kill the drills the whole party will wipe
  • NOTE: Ranged players ... If you get marked by the boss and get the drills just walk backwards to line them up easily for a quick clear (with some AOE skills for example). Again kiting here is the key. Also make sure the drills don't land close to the boss as he will do an AOE. If the drills are in the AOE attack range they will explode and cause the instant party wipe.
  • After you successfully destroy the drills there will be a blue aura around the destroyed drills. This aura gives you 100% critical damage, make use of it (for example a destroyer or blade dancer could pick up the boss and take him there so everybody can benefit from the aura/buff).
  • Quick tip: Don't kdown this boss. He does an AOE when he recovers, just like Yeti.
  • After the drills are killed there will multiple series of 3 (red) AOE attacks - increasing in size with every cast. Some adds (small robots) will also spawn but if you don't CC the boss while he's casting the red AOE, the AOE will destroy the small adds/robots so you don't have to worry about that. BMs can HM block all 3 red AOE's same with FM party iframe. This will really test you dodging skills.
  • Third and final phase - it's just a simple DPS phase before getting the loot, really nothing special.

Bonus and Credits

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