Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Black Desert Online - Short and Quick 1-50 Leveling Guide by rndbdoplayer

This is my personal route I took to get characters as quick as possible (<15 hours) to 50 so I could play and test them. I used "safe levels" in the guide so it should be fine for anyone to follow, but if you have good gear (i used +9 Grunil/Yuria set) you can possibly leave each zone 1 level early. It is also important to read a guide on your class so you know which good PvE skills to take. I've found there's usually 2-3 must have skills per class for PvE to make it easy. Hope it helps you.

1-16 Follow quests until you complete the Inventory expansion quest given by Eileen in Velia. If you aren't 16 just go grind some white/pink/red mobs, whatever works for you. It shouldn't take long too long.



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