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Heroes of the Storm - Towers of Doom Tips by Jinyas

Towers of Doom Tips and Trivia (Sorta)

Rundown: I've seen a lot of people complain about this map recently. I still think this too soon to say whether or not the map is properly optimized, but I'll go ahead and say I like it, and the biggest reason people dislike is because they are not completely sure how to play around it.
I'll try and see if I can make a difference there.

Things as damage the enemy core
  • All towers belong to you - volley of Shots/Bullets/Pellets 6 damage to the enemy core.
Merc camps run past the captured towers (and into the killzone) to damage the core. They deal 1 damage to the enemies core per sucessful mercenary unit in the killzone.
  • Capture Altars
The more towers you have, the more damage altars will do (1 more per tower)
  • Boss Captured will deal 4 damage
Useful Tactics
  • The botlane is the most important lane
Why do you ask? Simply because there are more mercs down there.
If you can capture the tower down there and ensure the merc camps a clean runthrough, you got a free 3 extra damage to the enemy core (and a better grip on the merc camps). Though do keep an eye on the boss so you don't give a free 4 damage to your own core.
  • If possible, you will want a good pusher at the toplane to keep control of the area.
Preferably your map alignment would be: 1 top, 1 middle and 2 bottom with the last person roaming. This of course, is not always possible if you prefer to play Quick Match where the charm of the mode is utterly random compositions of teams.
  • Push gates in all lanes fast
Just so that your first merc camps aren't wasted on something you could've done fast, since the tower damage is negligible right now.
  • Early Ganks
The map is tiny and with the increased death timers as of the latest patch, use this to your advantage.
  • Maintain low health on enemy Belltowers.
It is incredibly difficult to play around low Belltowers as you are forced to make a decision. Do I let this tower die and recapture (THat's a lot of seconds you'll have to be prepared to return in) or do you defend this low tower and waste time running back and forth? Defending the almost dead tower is usually the bad choice. While you are wasting time defending, the enemy team is utilizing their extra free time to cap an extra of your towers, or take your mercenaries.
Once they got this tight a grip on your balls you can hardly shake off the hand without tearing something in the process.
Keeping towers low also gives you little bit of insurance? Had a teamfight and altars just spawned? Go grab that tower and just to make sure you take a tidbit less damage to your core. Keeping them low also makes it easier if you just won a teamfight and want a huge volley of bullets/pellets/Shots
  • Utilize the chaos:
If you're feeling confident for a fight: When the altars spawn (during the 30 seconds) you force a Belltower/Keep down. Make the enemy make a choice of whether they want a to contest you getting 1-2 extra Belltowers, or them securing maybe a single Altar before you can challenge them at the Belltowers.
  • The boss is not alway a good idea
The Headless Horseman deals A LOT of damage. He deals percentage damage and it chunks you HARD. I've had teams go in and wipe because they thought they could quickly focus him down. Be sure you have atleast 70% hp going into that cage - it's a better throwpit than the boss in Sky Temple. Be catious if your healer isn't there.
  • During downtime you should:
Pressure the boss if you have the chance and the HP to do so.
Capture towers, but most importantly capture the botlane tower (to secure merc camps) and try to make the mercs push through for possible core damage.
Ambush single laners and try to get an experience advantage.

Random information
  • Portal to the midle lane spawns/opens at 12 minutes.
  • In between the enemies core and Belltowers (Keeps) there is a killzone, marked by a line on the ground where the earth changes colour, which will damage you heavily if entered.
  • First altar spawn at 1:30 and respawn around 110 seconds after the last altar has been capped.
  • Sappers spawn at 2:00
  • Headless Horseman spawns at 5:00
  • Mule do repair the towers, though I'm uncetain howuseful this talent really is, as towers either are getting bursted by players or sappers and they'll usually die fast if ever attacked.
  • If 3 altars are up 1 tower can fire 2 bullets 3 times - in other words 1 tower can do 6 damage.
  • Mercenary Lord coupled with Sappers will 100-0 a Belltower (or very close).
Good Heroes for Towers of Doom:
Since there is a lot of fighting going both in lanes and on points littered with chokepoints and small alleyways heroes with a lot of sustain and zone control are the best to bring.
  • Zone Control - Heroes like
Kael'Thas, Jaina, Leoric, Tyrael, Zagara and Diablo
  • Sustain - Heroes like
Healing wise - Kharazim, Malfurion and Tassadar
Damage wise - Raynor, Hammer and Nazeebo
  • Good Pushers for toplane
Zagara, Sylvanas, Sonya or Murky.
  • Honorable mentions:
Abathur - can soak and pressure the lanes opposite of the altars to great extent.
Thrall/The Butcher - Great early game ganker
Nova - Great at picking off targets and getting away because of the corners as can help get quickly out of vision again.

Please do tell if I forgot something, or if YOU know something extra I should add to the list!


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