Saturday, September 19, 2015

Diablo 3 Guide - Building up density \ "The ABC Method" [by Pestdrache]

We all want to kill as many enemies as possible as quickly as possible for obvious reasons: more enemies hit by our abilities simply mutiplies the damage of that ability. But still I see a lot of players, even with high to very high paragon levels, fail at the very basics of building up density in a rift, be it in Solo, Speed or Push group play. Stopping and killing every pack of enemies instantly when we encounter it is almost never the best way to go about our slaughtering business. You should rather employ something that I call "The ABC Method", not because I am thinking I invented this by any means, but because a catchy name might help some of you remember this better ;)

For the ones of you that like a video explanation, here is the youtube link:

For everyone else that prefers a written explanation over my unbearable german accent, here we go:

When you encounter a new pack of enemies, imagine them being at point A, then run past them and let them follow you. The next pack, that should be very close, is now at point B, this is most likely the location we are going to fight in. Before that though we want to also add the next pack of enemies, in this example now at point C on our way. We do this either with a ranged ability or by quickly dashing there and back again. In group play this is mostly done by the supports, while the damage dealers already start to mow down the enemies from A and B, and then repositioning to also hit everything coming in from C.

For the ones that want a visual example, here is the link to the picture I use for my explanations in the video:

This method is even more effective when fighting at intersections on the map, as you can see in the MSPaint masterpiece you just had the ultimate pleasure to witness. On these intersections you can drag in enemies from all around you and then finish them off in a single GLORIOUS... merciful ending of their lives.

If you have problems employing this method, i.e. not enough packs close to each other, you are in a very bad rift with extremely low density, where you don't want to spend your precious gaming time to begin with and should just run through to find the exit. OR you are in a very good rift, meaning all the enemies are already in one place, with small free spaces in between them. For these a simple rule of thumb: you don't want to be even starting to hit less than TEN enemies, if they are not consisting of very good progress giving types, i.e. Grotesques or even bigger guys like Unburied or Colossal Golgors. Some of these might follow you too slowly when trying to pull them, what could make stopping to kill them off alone necessary and worthwile, if you can do it quick enough. If you kill a handful of Ghouls, Fallen or Zombies though, it will never be worth your time. Obviously there are classes that can employ this method easier than others, considering their tankyness or lacking defensive abilities when completely surrounded. Know your limits, find safe spots like corners or bottlenecks, where only a few enemies can reach you after clumping them up and be especially careful in HC. I don't want your virtual blood on my hands.

I am mostly fairly active on the WD reddit, that being my main class, but I thought this to be a topic worth knowing for everyone. I always try to be equally as informative while doing solo tries (currently top 10), 4man (currently top 50) or just some relaxing speeds, so maybe check me out on if you liked this.

TL;DR: Don't kill everything you come across. Run past some stuff, stop at the next stuff, even get the stuff behind that to join in. Then kill all the stuffs -->


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