Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Heroes of the Storm Guide - Hero Buyer's Guide: Leoric [by MrTransparent]

It's that time again, Leoric is due to go down to 10k gold Between 22:30 and Midnight tonight (GMT+1) -Approximately from Johanna and Butchers times-

So there are probably some people thinking, is Leoric worth the gold? Is he the sort of hero I would like?

So here is some Pointers.
  • The most Similar Play styles are probably Arthas and Tyrael.
  • Sustain is his game, he will last long when he is alive, and be back soon when he is dead.
  • Does well against The beefier Tanks such as Muradin and Johanna due to Drain hope doing % damage.
  • Can be a Pseudo-Specialist, Does good in lane (due to sustain) and has good wave clear.
  • Not Really a solo tank, but it can be done.
  • Lacks Stuns to save team
  • Both Heroics are Viable.
  • One of the most annoying heroes to play against, Constant slows and being ever present in the fight.
  • Slow Attack speed, Get used to AA, Q, AA.
  • Has a decent escape skill in Wraith walk.
  • Has a hard time soloing Merc Camps.
  • Fairly Vulnerable to Stuns and Mobile Heroes
  • Non-stop play time not good if you like to text people when you are dead
All in all, Leoric is a top tier hero, Worth 10k for sure if you enjoy being a front line, and like clearing waves and collecting globes. 


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