Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Overwatch Video - Reaper Overview & Introduction! (Abilities & Lore) [LowkoTV]

Reaper is one of the stealthiest characters in Overwatch and moves around the map quietly. His abilities allow him to sneak up on opponents at which point he can activate his Hellfire Shotguns to take them out. Reaper is going to be one of the most offensive characters in the game and can dish out incredible damage if played correctly.

Reaper's abilities:
- Hellfire Shotguns (LMB) - Shoots his shotguns, powerful at short range. They alternate between shots.
- Wraith Form (Shift) - Allows Reaper to move around with ease and close the distance between enemies. The Reaper is invulnerable in wraith form, but can be seen by the enemy. Reaper can not attack while in this mode.
- Shadow Step (E) - An ability that allows Reaper to teleport around the map as long as he can see where he wants to go. There is a short cast time where he can not move.
- Death Blossom (Q) - Reaper's strongest ability that deals massive amounts of Area of Effect damage. Kills restore health, but Reaper does take damage while it's channeling. The range on it short.

As Reaper, you can sneak up on enemies, or get behind the tank and wait for the perfect moment. Decision making is going to be key, and will make Reaper one of the hardest to play characters. Reaper will also be very dependent on the team. Without a support or a tank, he is going to be very difficult to play properly. The average amount of health of characters in Overwatch is 250 hitpoints. Reaper can kill most targets in 3 hits, as long as he is in close proximity. Reaper excels at short distance.

Lorewise, the Reaper is a mercenary. He is a ruthless and remorseless killer responsible for taking out Overwatch agents all around the world. He does not seem to be loyal or bound to any specific organization. One of the theories is that Reaper is a byproduct of a failed genetic alteration which forces him to simultaneously decay and regenerate at the same time. All in all he is very mysterious as much is simply not known. What is known is that where Reaper appears, death follows. He could be trying to hunt down former Overwatch agents to eleminate them.

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