Friday, July 24, 2015

Diablo 3 Video - PTR 2.3 Wizard - Archon Conclusions [MeatHead Mikhail]

Hey guys, today I give you my conclusions on the Archon build coming in 2.3 after a decent amount of testing. It's going to be a very strong build but it's definitely not a lazy playstyle. There's a lot of rotation babysitting - Chantodo stacks, Archon stacks/double stacks, what packs to engage for maximum AP on crit & cooldown reset, fitting in Convention of Elements rotation so it's not wasted (if you're not going double Unity), and more. I discuss all of this, the general gearing strategy, and playstyle.

Please note this was recorded right before the first PTR reset where the belt and 4 piece Vyr's got swapped. Nothing changes though - the belt is still mandatory (50% armor, resists, and attack speed at all times in a single slot). This marks the conclusion of my Archon exploration on the PTR - I'm very excited about rolling this as one of my classes/specs in Season 4, as it's a lot of fun for those who enjoy engaging playstyles. Enjoy & discuss!

Wizard Playlist:

Patch: PTR 2.3


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