Saturday, July 25, 2015

Diablo 3 - Demon Hunter Tier 64 solo (13:33) - Season 3 [by wudijo]

Tier 64 solo (13:33)

Hi everyone,

I came back after basically a ~4-week break, this is the result after a mere 14 tries: An incredibly disgusting rift featuring Cave of the Betrayer, Unburieds, one single elite pack, and obviously Stonesinger (Casualbuff multiplied by Streamerbuff).

Over the last couple of weeks I've been doing trials here and there and somehow managed to farm up 246 tier 64 keys and about 100 tier 65 keys. Should have done it the other way around :)

I didn't really expect to clear tier 64, at least not that quickly, but somehow I did. Unburied + Goatmen rifts are about 1 in 40, so with those keys I could have expected to get 5-7 rifts with this combination, and sometimes they turn out to be really bad density or elite wise. The next goal is obviously going to be tier 65, but I will probably not push beyond, with my (comparably) lowish paragon and dps in general my hopes are very low for anything after that.

Enjoy the run!

Setup: Fire RoV, 48.68 CDR (~56 with Gogok), Balefire with CDR + RCR, Pauldrons of the Skeleton King.

Passives: Cull the Weak, Ambush, Steady Aim, Single Out, Awareness

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