Saturday, February 7, 2015

Heroes of the Storm - Some tips for beginners regarding Warriors by Shanaki

In this small post I want to go over on some heroes that literally change the way your party plays. This will mostly revolve around Warriors as their skill sets are the bulk of the way teams should fight.
  • Stitches: Some of you already know this, because stitches is everywhere in ranked. But if you aren't in ranked to know yet, Stitches is a behind the lines sort of tank. His job is to sit back and try and land as many hooks as possible turning a situation into a 4 on 5. He mostly stays near to the group so there are people there to kill the hooked victim. If his team is engaged upon, Stitches has some massive AoE damage he can lay down, as well as a mini stun associated with it later into the game. He can use this effectively by stunning everyone in an area where a lot of AoE is about to go off like Nova's precision strike, or Tychus' nuke.
If you have a Stitches on your team, it is best to do reasonable trades with the enemy but never hard engage unless the team is split. This will still allow you to deal damage, sustain with heals, and possibly turn the tides on the enemy team to hard engage onto. It is normal play in between his hook attempts. You should back off a bit when you believe his hook is coming off cooldown to prepare and position yourself.
  • Arthas: Arthas is considered one of the more offensive tanks. He will go in, and he will go in hard grabbing anyone with his combo that he can. When he does this it is best to go into the fray with him. This will set up an immediate team fight, or the enemy giving up one of their players that gets caught.
When you play with an Arthas, you want to promote off of his hard engage style. Make sure to engage whenever he engages, and disengage when he does as well, while backing each other up. If someone is chasing Arthas, don't feel bad about lending him a hand either. Arthas for the most part can turn around at any moment and catch people who are chasing him too.
  • Muradin: He is a CC machine, so if you choose any hero who's heroics can be stopped by stuns, or squishy targets that get shut down by stun easily then Muradin is going to give them trouble. You should see him focusing on those kinds of targets (Anyone squishy, like Valla, or anyone who is reliant on abilities, like Thrall.)
When you have a Muradin on your team, you want to focus your abilities and auto attacks on the people he is stunning. He can promise any 2v1 win if they engage as well, so if you have a Muradin engage your target with you, go ham on them.
  • Diablo: You should rarely see Diablo players, but they do still exist. He thrives on keeping people in the battle and dis positioning them when able. If you have someone on you, it's his job to step up to that player and knock or throw them away so that you can continue what you were focused on.
If you have a Diablo on your team, it's going to FEEL like he isn't doing much, but what he is doing is keeping people off of you. You should be the ones engaging team fights rather than the Diablo.
  • Tyrael: Tyrael is a rough subject as he is under tuned right now. He use to be good when we had burst comps to instantly delete somebody, but with all the recent nerfs has brought that potential down. He does a bit more damage than most tanks but can not take much damage at all. If he engages he's pretty much screwed if he gets focused, and even more so if people don't engage with him.
If you have a Tyrael on your team, try to engage when he uses his Heroic or when he jumps onto a target. He will need your damage with his own to try and kill as many targets as fast as possible before anyone can heal up.
  • Sonya: She has the highest damage output of all of the Warriors, but suffers from the same squishyness that Tyrael has. If there is a lot of units, however, Sonya can soak up a lot of HP while still doing considerable damage. She OOOOOAAAAAHHHH's all over people's faces and will make ANY squishy run for their lives when she has rage.
With Sonya on your team as a support, you want to keep stuns and knock backs away from her. She is squishy herself, but getting her Whirlwind interrupted is a death sentence for her. With your heals and her whirlwind going, she's going to be able to soak a lot of damage.
As an Assassin you'll want to focus on getting slows off on targets Sonya is chasing down, and to lay down the pain on anyone who is dealing damage to her. Make them back off so that Sonya can make others run for their lives.
  • Chen: He can absorb a lot of damage when CC is down for the enemy, but he is incredibly weak when they're up. He makes squishy Assassins run for their lives, and it's good to chase with him as you can get easy kills from people who are out of position.
As a support with Chen on your team you will want to make sure he survives the initial CC burst that's going to go down on him. Once he survives that he won't need many heals throughout the rest of the engagement. With his damage output and his ability to stick to a target, kind of how Illidan does, he is incredibly useful in a team fight.
As an Assassin you will want to chase targets down that he is engaging onto, but once the team fight breaks out to break off of his target and fend for yourselves. He will be chasing people out of fights, like Sonya does, and make sure they won't have any room to fight with. So make sure you are killing people who are either now chasing the Chen, or whom are now attacking you.
  • Anub'Arak: He is a fragile tank, and was recently nerfed hard, but what he lost from the nerfs he can still make up for it in his kit. He focuses on stunning as many people as possible, and engaging team fights when it's a sure win. He has massive survivability in large areas like Sonya does, except his is more effective, but a longer cooldown due to it being his heroic.
As a support you will want to keep him healthy on the back line while he gets his stuns off and weaves in and out of combat. He isn't a hard engager like Arthas because he doesn't have damage to follow up with, so you will see him weaving in and out of combat a lot.
As an Assassin the best thing you can do is follow up with massive AoE damage on his stuns. One good stun from him can turn into a massive engagement, so keep an eye out. Make sure to follow up with him when he pops his ult, because that's when Anub is going to get much more aggressive.
  • ETC: He is a disruption hero. He will disrupt as many people as he can while healing himself and trying to set up a sick Heroic. He will focus mainly on keeping healthy, keeping enemies off of his team. He can engage like Diablo, and there's no better feeling that going into their group and knocking someone back into your team at the rest of the enemy team away. It's like a mini Brightwing heroic.
As an Assassin try and be there for when he uses his Heroic and dish out as much damage in that time that you can. In other engagements just try to stick around him so he can peel for you and allow you to deal damage more safely. This will in turn keep you in position if he decides to blow his heroic as well.
As a support you don't have to worry about healing him too much unless he is getting burst passed his own healing capacity. He has a ton of self sustain but in engagements sometimes he may need a heal after the first big burst.
  • Thrall + Rehgar combo: This combo is just straight up deadly as sin. The Earthquake + Bloodlust combo shreds the enemy team to pieces. They are forced to engage onto a party that has increased attack speed and movement speed, while they are at a crawl. It forces players to fend for themselves rather than provide help to their team mates, and this is EVEN MORE effective against a heavy Melee composition.
As a Warrior in this comp you want to help lock down isolated people. They won't have any help coming their way anytime soon, so it's best to get them locked out of position with the possibility of getting them killed.
As an Assassin you will want to go in full force. The enemy team is crippled and your damage output just went through the roof. With the long cooldown to Bloodlust you don't want to waste it anyways!


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