Monday, January 26, 2015

Hearthstone - Rank 1 Legend Druid Deck by Hotform

Hey guys I just hit rank 1 legend on North America!

I was using a no combo druid deck.
  • Good versus hunters because of the good early game mana advantages and late game taunts.
  • Strong against other druids because a clever use of kel'thuzad can win you the match every time.
  • Reasonably good versus warriors because of the high amount of creatures.
  • This deck is weak versus handlock.
  • This deck will generally fatigue first in a very long battle.
  • Losing board control by a large margin is hard to recover from.
Bonus - [Azure Drake -> Swipe] is a versatile play that can solve situations druids without spellpower often find impossible to deal with.
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