Thursday, December 11, 2014

Hearthstone - EU Rank 1 legend deck list by RandjaTV

I greet you! So with GvG being released in Europe i have started making all sorts of decks with the new cards, but none of them have taken me as far as my Handlock deck!

I don't want to sound cocky but I think that this is the best deck or at least one of the best decks out there. I found my climb to rank 1 very easy going from rank 34 to 1 with a score of 19:4.

I will be making a video spotlight for this deck where I will go a bit more in-depth in the ways I play with it. (you can expect the link here:)

So here is the deck list: (Image format )

-1x Mortal Coil - I still really enjoy the ability to deal 1 damage with warlock quite a bit, which is why I still play mortal coil. But i don't think this card is necessary.

-2x Dark Bomb - This card is just so insane for warlock. Being able to deal 3 damage gives more value to your small minions and is so flexible that I can't imagine a control warlock without it.

-2x Ancient Watcher - Still watching still hating the police!

-2x Ironbeak Owl - I love silence. With the release of gvg silence got way better with all the crazy effects of new minions.

-2x Sunfury Protector - Good old taunt givers. So good when you have really big minions!

-2x Earthen Ring Farseer - I see people cutting this guy because of the release of Antique Healbot, I personally think that this guy is better than ever. With dark bomb at your disposal he is no longer just a minion that will trade for free with a bigger minion. And with the Healbot release you are more free to heal your minions now.

-1x Hellfire - It's just so good to have 1 of these really flexible card.

-2x Shadowflame - This is still the insane card it use to be.

-2x Defender Of Argus - More taunt!

-2x Twilight Drake - Really good control warlock card.

-1x Antique Healbot - Now this guy, this guy is just so insane in this deck having a way to instantly restore 8 health changed the game for control warlock, you are no longer afraid of going low on life and that makes the deck so much more fun. I don't play 2 of these because I think that that would be too much healing and besides the heal they are not really strong minions and can't target your minions with the heal so I think that 1 if these guys is the sweet spot if your going to play Farseer.

-1x Loatheb - Just puts so much pressure on your opponent it's so good.

-1x Sludge Belcher - I still like this guy. Unlike the healbot This guy is a good minion so he prevents you from having dead hands.

-2x Siphon Soul - Hard removal

-1x Dr.Boom - Now things start to get interesting. I found this guy to be so good! He is a 7 drop so he fits into the curve way better than lets say Ragnaros. Also most of the time I found myself not wanting to play rag because he was just too random. With Dr.Boom you get a really strong minion 7/7 and you get 2 1/1 so some of the interesting things you could do is play Boom into sunfury and gain 2 taunts. Also he splits his value into 3 minions so it makes it easier to deal with classes that swarm the board.

-1x Troggzor the Earthinator - Now this card is just straight out op in my opinion. Having a card that stops your opponent from playing ANY spells is so good and he will almost always give a lot of value. You should be careful when playing versus warrior because if they have minions he can use a weapon and effectively clear him.

-1x Lord Jaraxxus - OBLIVION!

-2x Mountain Giant - ...

-2x Molten Giant - don't be afraid to get low to play this guy. With all the new life replenishment from Healbot you should not be afraid of dying.

So there is the list, I hope you guys enjoy the deck! If you have any questions about the deck feel free to ask!

I also stream on twitch @RandjaTV so if you guys want to drop by check out the stream and maybe leave a follow I would appreciate it.

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