Friday, November 21, 2014

Tune in to DSCL Bootcamp this weekend - LIVE StarCraft 2 coaching!

Six Brave Diamond League-players have qualified for DSCL Bootcamp, where they will be coached by Grubby and Jona for two days. Of course we'll stream the whole thing (in English) and I promise: watching the stream will be just about as educational as being at the event!.

On Saturday (starting at 14h CET) the coaches will be discussing 5 different aspects of the game, each in a 1-hour segment. These are the topics:

  • Build orders (how to pick, how to react to cheese, in relation to map, etc.)
  • Scouting & countering (when to scout, how to react, identifying a threat, etc.)
  • Timings (early game, upgrades, agressive timings, composition switches)
  • Expansion & economy management (larvae managemen, worker transfers, expansion timings, supply, etc.)
  • Positions (map vision, army positioning, micro, terrain, pre-positioning, etc.)
On Sunday the players will be able to ask direct and specific questions to the coaches, and we'll also have a Team Battle! Team Grubby and Team Jona will go up against each other, and we'll stream the internal discussions in the teams as well, to give you some idea of how strategies are made, how player strengths and weaknesses are taken into account, etc. You never see that in regular Team Leagues, so tune in if you've always wanted to hear those e-sports p(r)eptalks!

All info about the event is on:

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