Monday, October 20, 2014

Hearthstone - Murloc Hunter to Legend by Atreyu

Hi guys, Atreyu here. I was previously the creator of one of the first Beast-themed deck early this year that reached legend before the Sunshine hunter took off.

Today I'm here to bring you another hunter deck.
First of all, proof


So I've been playing this deck from rank 5 to legend in roughly less than 100 games. Before that I was playing a murloc warlock to reach rank 5.

What got me started with this murloc hunter was meant to be a joke.

I was tired of seeing the cancerous undertaker decks that are floating around the ladder. So I thought I'd make something just as annoying to give them a little of their own medicine.

I meant to make a hunter deck with Hungry crab and murlocs at first just for trolling.
With the aggressiveness from the murlocs, I received moderate success at around rank 5.

Then I slowly cut out the crabs and the bad cards and it became a lot more consistent.

You don't really need the flares with this deck as you have so many charge creatures. By playing smartly, you'll usually do fine without it.

A Murloc Tidecaller start is usually more aggressive than a usual Undertake start.

You get many chances for juggler procs with all the low drops, snake traps, and unleash.

Explosive traps help soften up the enemy minions for a good unleash.
And the one owl and hunter's mark will help you get past the enemy big taunts/belcher.

Most of the time early game you try to stay as aggressive as possible. Sometimes it's ok to allow your enemy to get the favorable trades if you have jugglers/explosive/unleash in hand. Just go to face most of the time.

By playing only the good murlocs, you don't lose much value for the tribal stats. Each of them serve a good purpose in this deck.
Tidecaller is a 1/2 for 1. Good to have in your starting hand.
Bluegill is a 2/1 for 2 with charge. Could be used for trades or just throwing to the face.

Tidehunter is a 3/2 for 2 on 2 bodies. Combo well with juggler and helps establish a board for the Warleader to enter.

Coldlight Oracle helps to draw for your burst during the mid-late game. It basically replaces the old buzzard for the same function.
Old murk-eye is a decent charging minion, but it's one of the cards that I consider cutting in this deck. Still, it works well with all your other murlocs.

The other cards that I considered cutting was the webspinner, but it does serve as an okay start and helps you have a better insurance on having beasts for your kill commands.

The rest of the cards are pretty self-explanatory.

The murlocs forces your enemy to do the clean up early, while you can focus on hitting the face.

What hunter does better than the warlock murlocs is that you have a guaranteed damage on your enemy, and you don't solely rely on gaining the board to deal damage.

This allows you to just go for the face early, and use your kill command and hero power to do the clean up.

The reason for the disappearance of murloc decks was mainly due to the popularization of buzzard unleash, wild pyro priests that were just good at clearing 1 health minions.

Nowadays those decks are mostly gone so I felt like murloc was at a good spot for a comeback. And it was.

The fact that most classes have only 2 AOE spells in their decks makes this deck very potent. As it's statistically difficult for them to draw into them in the first few turns. Most of the time they'd be mulliganed away for minions to get a stable start as well.

This allows the murloc hunter deck to steal lots of damage in the first few turns. After your opponent start to catch up on board, you can even unleash and send most of the dogs to the face.

Source: /r/hearthstone

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