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World of Tanks - Stronghold mode info dump


«Strongholds» — is a new mode designed for clan members. It is readily available in the client and has no connection to Global War or any activities on the Global Map. “Strongholds” represents clan property consisting of a virtual military base, directions that it may be approached from, and auxiliary buildings. Clan commanders may create “Strongholds” for free.

Recently (23.7.2014 20:00 MST), there was a stream with some high end Russian clan players and WG employee (clanwars specialist) Dmitryi “Fluke” Grigorov. As usual, Maiorboltach from world-of-ru made a summary. Here it is!

- The difference between Stronkhold and Farmville is that everything in this mode you have to gain through combat, not outside of the mode
- On 10th tier of the Stronkhold, the bonus to credit gain is 50 percent, crew XP bonus is 100 percent and free XP bonus gain is 100 percent
- There will be no tank freezing
- Going out on a raid won’t cost you resources
- The resources will be distributed amongst players directly proportionally to the XP gained in combat during the raid (even in defeat)
- Resources don’t accumulate on “player account”, they go directly to the clan treasury
- The option to attack stronkholds of other clans is scheduled (preliminary, it’s possible it will move) for 9.3 (this option will be available only for tier 5 and higher stronkholds)
- 4th tier of Stronkhold will give you a 8-12 percent bonus for all resources
- All the Stronkhold functions and options are available not only to the clan commander, but also to the deputies. In the future versions, the clan positions will be updated, there will be new functions added for them, some of the new functions will be connected with Stronkhold mode.

- Stronkhold mode is not tied to CW in any way
- The bonuses from Stronkhold mode will apply on every mode in the game (including CW) with the exception of training battles
- There is a concept of “mercenaries” being worked on. Mercenaries will not get any bonuses from Stronkhold, each clan can “hire” up to 5 mercenaries, players that are not in any clan. There will be no need to spend the SH resources to hire them.
- Companies will remain as they are for now, but it depends a lot on how will the Stronkhold mode show behave on live server.
- Reserves (the bonuses to credits, XP and such) will be active for 2 hours

How will attacking enemy clan Stronkhold work:
- A clan will pick the “time for defense” of its stronkhold (one hour). Clan can pick any time they want, it’s not limited in any way. Clan stronkhold will not be attackeable at any other time
- When the hour you picked for your clan defense comes, your clan will appear in a list of clans which can be attacked (the list will be common to all the servers of the cluster – if the defender is playing on different server than the attacker, the attacker will have to relog to the server of the defender). Another clan sees the defender in the list, presses “attack” and the defenders will see a “special battle” on their UI, in which the defense team is assembled
- All the attack/defense battles will be played in 15vs15 format, without fog of war, standard mode, using company mode rules
- The bigger your stronkhold is, the more fights you need to defend it – every area (“direction”) you unlock (4 maximum) means one defensive battle, so the biggest stronkholds will have to play 4 battles to defend the stronkhold
- If you lose, the enemy clan “looting” will be “delayed”, the structure that the enemy clan attacked will be gradually looted (SS: not sure what this means)
- The defense time for stronkhold mode will appear for the entire week (SS: as in, attackers can attack the stronkhold every day of the week at the set hour) with one day exceptions, there will be a possibility to set one day “off”. The delay between changing the defense (SS: as in, how often can a commander change the defense time) is still under discussion
- Not gathering enough players for defense will automatically result in technical defeat
- When attacking, the enemy clan will see your entire stronkhold and will choose the direction of attack as they will
- The map you will defend on will be randomly picked, BUT it will remain the same for two weeks. You as a defender will know the map and you will also know the map that will come for the next two week period in advance. Basically, you can’t influence map choice, but you can prepare for it
- The stronkhold defense is not connected to alliances, allied clans cannot come to help defend the stronkhold. There are ideas to implement this, but nothing is in plans right now.
- If two clans are trying to attack one stronkhold, there will be no choice between them – the one who presses the “attack” button first attacks

Special Stronkhold Consumables
- There will be special stronkhold consumables, but not with the attacking mode enabled, not even 2 patches after it (SS: fluke – “not even in 9.5″)
- These will be usable only by the team commander
- Every consumable will need a special building in the future, they will “load” the same way as the bonuses (reserves)
- Every consumable will have 10 tiers of development, just like the buildings
- Currently, the consumables are in prototype stage and it’s tested so that you can use every consumable once per battle (but this will really come in distant future)

There are following types of consumables developed:
- Turrets (consisting of tank turrets) controlled by bots, there are currently three variants – a KV-2 turret, a T30 turret and an E-100 turret. Each turret has its own hitpoints, they fire HE shells only. They will be possible to set on pre-determined spots on the map, they will also spot enemy tanks
- Airstrike – a group of bombers attacking a certain area, the bombs will fall vertically down
- Artillery strike – artillery is firing at certain area like the bomb strike, the shells will be HE shells using artillery mechanics in the game with a low trajectory
- Minefield – will cover certain area and will be impossible to detect, running over it will reduce tank hitpoints
- Smokescreen – certain area will be covered by smoke, the enemy team will not be able to spot anything within that area, but it works both ways (you will not be able to see through it)
- Recon plane – for a short time, certain area of the map gets “scouted”

- Stronkhold API will come quite soon, it’s possible there will be a slight delay between the API and SH release
- Exclusive tanks as SH rewards are not planned for now
- Resources can be lost in following cases: when the enemy loots your SH and when your “warehouse” (depot) is already full – in the latter case the resources simply disappear
- One way or the other, the team participating in raids will get the resource amount stated in the format, its distribution will happen proportionally to XP of players
- There are plans to start a new event like the World on Fire was soon, its gameplay will be significantly different from CW
- The third campaign will be much larger than the previous ones, will be more elaborate, there will be many more tools for commanders to monitor their clan and the “top X ladder” etc., it’s possible that the players will get to choose which reward they want for it from M60, VK7201, Object 907
- Current properties of Object 907 are final
- Raids will be possible without having a full team (for example you can run a 7v7 raid with 6 people)
- There will be no Clanwars within the client (SS: it will remain browser mode)
- CW 2.0 is in prototype stage, there are already working buttons and some CW players (under NDA) already tested it. The CW rules will remain the same, but the interface will be more convenient. There will be one large map, created with “new architecture”. It will be possible to run various events without having to manually enter them into the code each time.
- It will not be possible to buy or sell the SH resources
- It will not be possible to earn gold in SH mode
- There are plans to increase the amount of players in clans
- WG will participate in the Stronkhold mode and will develop their Stronkhold, including raids
- There are no plans for now to further increase the amount of buildings in SH mode, it depends on feedback
- There will be no protection from one clan attacking you over and over again, “rigged” battles will be detected and severely punished

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