Monday, April 16, 2018

Guild Wars 2 - A Short "How To" PvP Guide by Jawgeous

Guild Wars 2 - A Short "How To" PvP Guide (Conquest, Rotations, Numbers Advantages) 2018

Hey guys. This is my first video in an attempt to be educational. I guess my demographic going into this is people who want to get into PvP, or people who have only just got into PvP and need some guidance. Everyone in this video are actors. They are not bad players making bad mistakes, but doing what I tell them to do for the sake of examples TY GUYS! Time stamps: Conquest Simplez: 0:22 Numbers Adv. Disadv: 0:57 Decision Making: 4:03 Downstates & Stomping: 9:25 I've been making videos for a while now focused on VOD highlights of Automated Daily Tournaments. I found this to be super enjoyable, so I spent the last 12~ hours putting this together, both recording + editing. Please give me constructive feedback, and dear god I know it looks awful but please try to look past that and see the information within. Much love as always.

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