Monday, February 26, 2018

Guild Wars 2 - Fractals of the Mists BEGINNER Guide 2018 by Kyosika

Guild Wars 2 - Fractals of the Mists BEGINNER Guide 2018 | AGONY | ASCENDED GEAR | CLASS

New to Fractals of the Mists in 2018? No worries! This Guild Wars 2 beginner guide should get you on your way! In this GW2 Fractals of the mists guide I'm going to answer the following questions: • What are fractals of the mists? (Location, basics) • How do I get Agony resistance? • What gear do I need in Fractals of the mists? • Why do I need special gear for Fractals? • How do I get more than +1 Agony Resistance? • What class should I play?
This video was requested by many of you so I decided to make a video for it. This GW2 Fractals guide should be up-to-date for 2018. I know Fractals can be quite complicated so if you still have questions after watching the video, then feel free to ask them in the comments. Upgrading Ascended Trinkets: Builds for Fractals of the Mists: In Depth Fractals Guides: Timestamps: 0:15 - Introduction: What is going to be in this video? 1:10 - Segment 1: Introduction to Fractals, Basics, Location, Starter Gear 2:25 - Segment 2: How do you get Agony Resistance and the gear you'll need. 4:50 - Segment 3: Upgrading your Agony Resistance 6:50 - Segment 4: What Class should I play in Fractals and meta team compositions 8:25 - Segement 5: Finding a Group Music: DJ Quads - Copa ► Thanks for watching! For more: Subscribe: ► Twitch ► Twitter ► Play Guild Wars 2 for free! ► Get Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire ►

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