Monday, November 5, 2018

Guild Wars 2 - Achievement Points Farming Guide by Kyosika

Guild wars 2 - ACHIEVEMENT POINTS FARMING [2018] | A Top 5 GW2 Guide | REWARDS | EASY | BASICS

In this Guild Wars 2 Achievement Points Farming Guide I will explain the basics of achievement point farming, the rewards, the best way to achieve them and some honorable mentions at the end! These "Honorable Mentions" are ways to score quick and easy achievements points and do not require much explanation. Some of them could be time consuming but I explicitly mention that in the video. As I've mentioned at the start of the video, most of the activities in the video are for Free to Play (F2P) Guild Wars 2 players as well. Some categories have some minor limitations. You can find these limitations under the "Timestamps" section of the description. In this video I'm going to cover the following points: • The Rewards you can get from Achievement Points Farming • How account bonuses work in GW2 • My Top 5 activities to farm Achievement Points • Tips to make Achievement Point Farming easy This guide was specifically focussed on Achievement Points Farming in 2018 but since this hasn't changed too much in recent years it does provide a nice framework for Achievement Points farming for Guild Wars 2 in 2019 and beyond. Timestamps: Top 5: 0:15 - Introduction - What's in the video 1:20 - Achievement Point Farming Rewards, the Chests (skins), the Basics and Interface 2:40 - Player vs. Player (PvP) Achievements 4:10 - Daily Achievements (PvE, PvP, WvW) 5:10 - World Bosses Achievements (Some bosses (Path of Fire & Heart of Thorns) limited for Free to Play Players) 6:30 - Tradesman Achievements (Crafting, Salvaging) 8:30 - The (Living) Story Achievements (Living Story not available for Free to Play Guild Wars 2 Players) Honorable Mentions (Easy and quick farming methods): 9:55 - Elite Specializations Achievements 10:20 - Collections, Dungeons and Jumping Puzzle Achievements 11:00 - Event Specific Achievements (Halloween, Wintersday, Festival of the Four Winds etc.)

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