Monday, September 14, 2015

Hearthstone Video - Dreadsteed TGT Moments | Grand Tournament Best Funny Lucky Random [Hearthstone SparkTV]

Dreadsteed Hearthstone TGT Expansion card best hearthstone moments and plays.Mostly it will be Dreadsteed Warlock but you will see other Dreadsteed deck too.Enjoy these Dreadsteed Hearthstone Funny,Lucky,Random moments.
►Aviana Hearthstone Moments -
►Varian Wrynn Hearthstone Moments -
►Confessor Paletress Moments -
►Astral Communion -

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1.HS Short - Dreadsteed Madness -
2.Kel'Thuzad + 2 Mal'Ghanis + 4 Dreadsteed = GG (Hearthstone) -
3.장의사 원턴킬 Undertaker One Turn Kill [테스트] -
4.Hearthstone - Dreadsteed vs Knife Juggler -
5.Dreadlock Swag -
6.Hearthstone - Frothing Berserker vs Dreadsteed -
7.[Hearthstone] Dreadsteed Is Awesome! -
8.HS Compilation TidesofTime [Dreadsteed] TGT -
9.( Hearthstone ) Dreadsteed infinite warsong combo -
10.Hearthstone TGT Dreadsteed Epic Comeback! -

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