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WoD Raid Basics: Imperator Mar'gok | Two Minute Tips by Line of Sight Gaming

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Our 5th Highmaul boss strategy guide. Had a lot of fun putting this video together. We appreciate all the feed back and are hoping to use your input to improve each new video. Remember there are many ways to skin a boomkin. Let us know what you and your guild has done to defeat this boss. Stay tuned for more WoD Raiding Basics from LoS Gaming.

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Special thanks to KC "Rodriguez" for the awesome music.
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Rogue's double proxy Hatch - SC2 Proleague by

Event2015 SK Telecom Proleague
PlayersRogue, Classic
DescriptionRogue goes for a double proxy hatch to counter Classic's cannon rush

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StarCraft 2 - 2015 GSL RO32 Groups Revealed

Heroes of the Storm: A guide for new and experienced LoL/ Dota players by tackles

What makes HotS different?
HotS is centered on 4 aspects. Map objectives, shared experience, hero talents, and teamwork.

Shared Experience: Teams in HotS share the same pool of XP and level as a team. XP can be earned through killing minions, slaying enemy players, and destroying structures.

Talents: Heroes gain access to talents that augment their skills or offer new abilities at level 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, and 20. Heroes do not start with access to all of their talents. As you play a hero they will level up and gain full access to all of their talents at level 4. Map Objectives: There are 5 maps available to play at the time of this post (and 3 in development). The map is chosen randomly when a game is started (unless you play the Custom Game Mode). Blackheart’s Bay, Cursed Hollow, Dragon Shrine, Garden of Terror, and Haunted Mines. Sky Temple expected to be the 6th map introduced. Each map has a unique objective. The overall goal of each map is to destroy enemy structures and finally their core. The maps have added objectives that aid in the overall goal. It is important to remember that in HotS neutral camps, called Mercenaries, will fight for you after you defeat them.

Blackheart’s Bay: The unique objective of this map is to gather coins and turn them in to have the ghost ship bombard the enemy structures. Coins can be gained from chests that spawn (there will be an audio announcement when they appear as well as a mini-map icon), mercenary camps, and neutral mob camps (noted by a purple flag on the mini-map). The first time coins spawn on the map it will take 10 coins to activate the ghost ship. Subsequent turn ins requires 2 additional coins each time (10, 12, 14,…)
Players can be interrupted while attempting to turn in coins, and if a player dies while carrying coins they will drop allowing friendly or enemy players to retrieve them (by walking over them). This is the only map that requires players to turn in the items they gather. On the other maps once you collect an objective item it will not be lost on death.

Curse Hollow: The goal of this map is to disable enemy structures and weakening enemy minions. The map will spawn “tributes”. A team needs capture 3 tributes to curse the enemy team. You do this by clicking on a tribute and channeling it item to receive it. Cursed teams will lose functionality of their turrets and their minions will be reduced to 1hp. It is important to remember that when the announcer indicates a tribute is spawning you have a short window to travel to the location and ready for a team fight. There is not enough notice to recall to base to heal before the tribute will spawn.

Dragon Shrine: This map has two shrines. One located above the center of top lane and the other located below the center of bottom lane. Standing in the indicated area around the shrine allows a team to capture the shrine. When a team successfully controls both shrines one member of that team can use the Dragon Shire located in the center of middle lane. The Dragon has two abilities. The first will allow you to breathe fire leaving behind a DoT AoE that burns enemies that stand in it. The second ability allows you to punt an enemy player away from you. The primary purpose of the Dragon is to damage enemy structures and push lanes. Your team should back you up when you control the Dragon to allow the controller to focus on punting enemies away and damaging structures.

Garden of Terror: When night falls on this map you will want to group up with your team and head to the Terrors. These neutral minions only spawn at night and drop flower bulbs. Collecting 100 bulbs will allow you to grow a Terror. Once you have grown a Terror you must go back to base and briefly channel the creature to take control of it. It is important to note that a grown Terror will not stay in your base indefinitely. After one minute the Terror will wilt and die so make sure someone is recalling to base to control it. Terrors have three abilities. The first places a plant that will cause AoE damage and disable enemy structures. The second will polymorph enemy players in to small plants that can only run away. The third ability will increase your movement speed for 3 seconds.

Haunted Mines: This two lane map has a second tier to it. When the mines open there will be icons that indicate where players enter the mines. Get your team together and enter the mines to kill neutral minions and gather skulls. There are 100 skulls total and when all 100 are collected each team will spawn a Golem. The power of your Golem is dependent on how many skulls you collect. If you manage to collect more than the enemy team your Golem will be more difficult to kill. Remember there are only 100 skulls and you’ll be competing against other the enemy to gather them.

Sky Temple (in development): This map consists of three lanes. Each lane has a temple. When temples become active they can be claimed by a team after the team defeats the temple guardian(s). Once a team controls a temple it will continuously damage enemy structures in that lane for a period of time.

What HotS does not include: HotS has opted to forgo some mechanics seen in other MOBAs. The most noticeable things not included in HotS are gold (currency), itemization, individual XP, and snowballing (carrying).

Gold (currency): Each map has a unique currency to fuel the objectives of each map. These currencies were discussed previously. The only other currency is XP that is shared by team members. Gaining a level advantage can make or break team fights.

Itemization: In HotS characters are customized through talents acquired at levels 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, and 20. This design choice simplifies character balancing and removes multi-tier punishments found in other games.

Snowballing: Blizzard chose to focus on encouraging team fights. Good play calls, communication, and teamwork are the best ways to shine in HotS. Without the ability to solo-carry a team players are rewarded for working together and abandoning the traditional solo-que mentality.

Multi-tier Punishment: In other MOBAs teams can fall behind in several ways. Map objectives, currency, items, level, snowballing, vision, and more. Streamlining how many levels a team can be dominated on means that even when you are ahead you must maintain good game play. HotS offers multiple chances for teams to continue maintaining their earned advantage, but over confidence can lead to a great power shift between teams. Players can find a losing game turn around with a few good pushes or well-timed objective skirmishes.

What HotS accentuates: Players often wonder what sets HotS apart from other MOBAs. The design choices of Blizzard have led to a game that encourages teamwork, coordination, timing, and persistence. With opportunity to recover from poor fights and improve over the course of individual games players can turn bad games into victories. The talent system allows players to customize their Hero to aid their team or counter enemy players. Map designs offers variety of game play and shifting meta.

Expected changes: HotS is still in Alpha. Closed Beta will begin January 13th, 2015. No further account wipes are planned. Any cash shop purchases will remain on your account. If an unplanned wipe is deemed necessary Blizzard has refunded previous purchases in the past, this would occur again, but no future wipes are anticipated.

MMR (Matchmaking Rating): Currently this system is lacking due to the small player pool and absence of Ranked play. We should see improved team matching with Closed Beta.

Talents: Blizzard is striving to provide a balanced experience for players. Talents are meant to offer unique upgrades that are meaningful and fun. As the game evolves players can expect to see changes to existing talents or the introduction of new talents.

Maps: 3 additional maps are in development. In-game and Post-game stats: Currently the summary of stats for player damage, healing, xp gain, and other actions is limited. Blizzard has announced their intention to implement improved visualizations for these stats.

Reconnect System: Currently the reconnect system is subpar. Blizzard is aware of the issues with reconnecting and the long time it takes to rejoin a game after a client crash or prolonged disconnect. Blizzard has stated they are working on a new reconnect system, but no ETA has been announced.

Leaver Queue: Closed Beta should bring the addition of the Leaver Queue. Players that frequently quit games will be placed in a separate queue with other players that frequently leave games. Players can earn their way out of this queue by playing games until they are finished. There are no details on how many games are required to escape the Leaver Queue, but once it is released we can expect more details.

Future Heroes: Sylvanas (WoW), Thrall (WoW), and The Lost Vikings (a SNES title) are the three champions announced for release. The next champion is expected to be released with Close Beta, but no confirmation has been given.

HotS Level System: Players level their account and Hero levels in and out of game.

Account level: This is akin to the League of Legends Summoner level. Unlike LoL, in HotS your account level grants rewards. Gold for buying access to heroes, additional F2P heroes, and access to daily quests (which grant bonus gold for purchasing heroes). When Closed Beta launches players will be able to access Draft Mode at level 30 and Ranked-Draft Mode at level 40. Blizzard has stated they would like to add additional rewards for account leveling, but no new details have been made available. The max level is 40.

Hero Level (out of game): Heroes gain XP based on the XP earned in-game. All heroes start at level 1 and can be raised to level 10. Level milestones provide access to different things.
  • Level 1: Starting point
  • Level 2: Heroic Ability (can be used in game)
  • Level 3: Expert Talents (can be used in game)
  • Level 4: Advanced Talents (can be used in game)
  • Level 5: 500 gold (used to unlock Heroes, mounts, or master skins)
  • Level 6: Hero Portrait & Mount Variation (recolor) if hero uses a mount.
  • Level 7: Skin Variation (recolor)
  • Level 8: Skin Variation (recolor)
  • Level 9: Master Portrait & Mount Variation (recolor) if hero uses a mount.
  • Level 10: Ability to purchase the heroes Master skin for 10k gold.
Hero Level (in game): In-game teams start at level 1 and level together through a shared XP pool.

For more information check out the /r FAQ Post:

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Hearthstone - How to create a viable deck when starting out by robhimself

Going to write a short guide here explaining hidden quests, competitively viable legend decks that you can craft for minimal dust by playing AI, and most importantly, make fun of newer generation gamers who think everything should be handed to them without working for anything.
Hidden Quests:
  • First Blood | Complete a game in Play mode. | 1 Classic Card Pack.
  • The Duelist | Play 3 games in Play mode. | 100 Gold.
  • Level Up | Get any class to level 10. | 1 Classic Card Pack.
  • Crafting Time | Disenchant a card. | 95 arcane dust.
  • Enter The Arena | Enter The Arena. | 1 Arena Credit.
  • Chicken Dinner | Win 100 games in any mode. | 300 Gold.
  • Ready to Go! | Unlock every Hero. | 100 Gold.
  • Crushed Them All! | Defeat every Expert AI Hero. | 100 Gold.
  • Got the Basics! | Collect every card in the Basic Set. | 100 Gold.
  • GvG Event | Log in during event. | 3 GvG packs.
  • GvG Event | Log in during event. | 1 Arena Credit.
Level all classes to 10 playing AI. Defeat all expert AI. Once these two objectives are done you will have nearly (or exactly) 100 matches played.

Total: 700g, 2 arena credits, 95 arcane dust, and 5 free packs.

That will on average, be over 1000-1500 free dust that you can use to craft cards.

An important tip; disenchant all of the cards you don't need. Bad rares, bad legendaries, bad epics, etc. You can figure out which cards are worth playing from tournament decklists.

The Decks:
Assuming you want to get legend immediately since the only thing holding you down in the rank 45's is your low card base, the best option would be spending $25 on Naxxramas to get access to all of the top tier cards released in the expansion.

If you want to stay completely F2P, you can grind the gold for Naxx, so I will post some deck lists and tell you what cards to craft for the most optimal decks in the meanwhile.

The two cheapest and most competitively viable decks are Warlock Zoo and Hunter (if you have Naxxramas cards regarding Hunter). Shaman, Mage, and Mech Rogue decks are also very cheap.

These decks are just a starter guide to give you an idea on what cards to craft. You can find alternative deck lists all over the forums, deck lists posted by pros, etc.

Without Naxx/GvG Cards: 1240 Dust
With GvG Cards: 1360 Dust
With Naxx Cards: 1120 Dust
There are several variations of this deck, you can find them all over this subreddit, other forums and tournament decklists if you want to follow them card for card. This is just for guidance. However, all deck variations hover around 1,000-1,500 dust.

With Naxx Cards: 800 Dust
Likewise with Naxx Hunter, several variations. If you have Naxx cards they all fall within the 700-1,000 dust range.

With GvG: 1320 Dust

With GvG: 2700 dust

Other Cheap Decks:
There are several decks within the 1,000-2,500 range that constantly reach Legend, search yourself you lazy pleb. But for the lazy: Rogue Mech, Mage Mech, Druid Mech, GvG Shaman, etc.
Tournament Decks
Sticky Threads from /r/Hearthstone
Basic & Naxxramas Deck Guide for All Classes
Hearthstone Intermediate Guide
Beginner's Guide to Consistency and Success in Arena

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Hearthstone - Top 50 Hobgoblin-Token-Druid, +decklist by TwoBiers

I have played that season only that deck all around to Top 50 EU Legend. I needed around 200 Games with it! I had so much fun to build, play and improve that deck!



Twitch-Chat-Reaction few days ago against Sjow - screenshot by a friend

Here are the cards!

Actual Decklist:

[0] - 2x Innervate - Very important card to gain tempo and boardcontrol. Keep Innervate every time! Turn 1 Innervate + Hobgoblin is pretty strong if you got a turn 2 follow up! But beware of earlyremovals. Use it to optimize your curve!
[1] - 2x Argent Squire - Best 1 drop for that deck. Stickiest 1 drop and synergizes with Hobgoblin, Power of the Wild and Blood Knight very well!
[2] - 2x Power of the Wild - Decent emergency 2 drop. Very nice synergy with violet teacher and you get much value if your board is flooded with low creatures
[2] - 2x Wrath - Your early removal, activation for Violet Teachers effect and awesome with spell power from your Azure Drakes. You can also use it to draw cards to improve your follow up or just for card draw
[2] - 2x Annoy-o-tron - Very annoying card! - for your opponent! Sticky minion, hard to remove - synergizes well with Hobgoblin(3-4 taunt with divine shield!!) and with Blood Knight
[2] - 2x Echoing Ooze - 2x 1-2 dudes for flooding the board, synergizes well with Power of the Wild and even more with Hobgoblin!! 2x 3/4(each 3 mana worth) !! That's pretty strong!!
[2] - 2x Haunted Creeper - Next very sticky minion, helps to flood the board and synergizes with Power of the Wild
[3] - 2x Savage Roar - Very important finisher. Use it wisely, it can help you too for clearing the board but then you lose your damage potential against sustain classes like Priest or Warrior. Can be a good choice for board clear against aggro classes that lacks at aoe.
[3] - 1x Blood Knight - He is so strong in my opinion. That deck runs 4 cheap divine shield cards that can used to get a strong Blood Knight. If your opponent got no hardremoval, then you almost won, that guy can be a game breaker!! Also, many Mech-Decks runs Annoy-o-tron, Paladins plays Shielded Minibot and Tirion. Steal all the bubbles!
[3] - 2x Hobgoblin - One of the important cards in the deck. With that guy u can gain so much value and tempo! Incredible! You got 8 targets for him and if he stays on board and u can use his ability many times.. it's just amazing. Wow. Scary af for your opponent!
[4] - 1x Soul of the Forest - I think that card is underrated! The way to win against that deck is aoe board clear and that card can improve that weakness. You have pretty often early and midgame board control and that card can prevent your opponent to clear your entire board
[4] - 2x Swipe - Helps for board clear and synergizes well with Azure Drake. Important card against Paladins, Hunters and Zoos!
[4] - 2x Violet Teacher - Second important card besides Hobgoblin. That card can really powerful with Power of the Wild. Tokens for the win!
[5] - 2x Azure Drake - Awesome 5 Drop. Helps your lack at card draw and you get important Spell Power. It's a nice 4/4 body!
[6] - 1x Force of Nature - Sometimes useful for board clear if you are in trouble. Most of the time finishing combo with savage roar!
[7] - 2x Ancient of Lore - Best card draw card in thegame and helps in emergencies with heal against aggro decks. important lategame card!
[7] - 1x Dr. Boom - Best new neutral legendary card. No exception in that deck because u got many synergizes with your other cards too.

Some other useful cards can be:

Keeper of the Grove - Didn't like that card too much in that deck but silence is normally good.
Big Game Hunter - Can be good, because many decks runs now Dr. Boom, good against Control Warriors and Handlocks, otherwise it is just bad, trades with 2 drops and some 1 drops - got many bad situations with that card, wasn't continuous good enough for me.
Enhance-o-mechano - That card won me some games,(Like HERE but if you don't get a strong board, that card isn't great at all - win more card
Loatheb - Great card, but I think Azure Drake with card draw and Spell Power seems more powerful and got more synergy.
The Black Knight - Situational card! If you face many decks with taunts - run it!

Used Cards before the finished deck:

Claw - Good against aggro decks but your early game is good enough and no good synergy with other cards. Bad in all other phases.
Wild Growth - Your deck is more early game/mid game oriented. It's not that easy to regain board control with that deck. Useless card in midgame. Don't use it here
Grove Tender - Don't like the draw ability, it's like a oracle with 1 card draw, meh. Ramp ability is bad, cause you dont want to skip your own strong phase.
Poison Seeds - Only good if your opponent got more than 1 big creature otherwise that card suck.
Dark Wispers - Too expensive, killed by every aoe spell.
Wisp - Funny card with Hobgoblin 3-3 Card for 0 Mana OP! But with out Hobgoblin it's pretty bad, can be used with Power of the Wild and Soul of the Forest for some more value, but it empties your hand to fast. Can be good with Jeeves.
Cogmaster - Synergizes with Mechs and Hobgoblin but I cut most of the mechs cause the sticky low drops seems to be way better
Mechwarper - I cut the mechs but important card for mech decks
Thalnos - Synergizes well with Hobgoblin, swipe and wrath, but I got so many better 2 drops already - seems to be to much.
Micro Machine - Like Cogmaster, the sticky minions seems to be better
Novice Engineer - Like Thalnos without a Spell Power and we got enough card draw.
Demolisher - Synergizes with Hobgoblin and is a mech. But 3 mana with Hobgoblin seems to be too much
Imp Master - Same like Demolisher + helps flooding the board
Cult Master - Can be good, synergizes pretty well with sticky minions, tokens and Impmaster but Azure Drakes with Ancient of Lore have a better body and are more continuous. Bad if you have no board.
Jeeves - played him really often, 2 jeeves on hand is aweful, u can't empty your hand efficiently with cards like Savage Roar and Soul of the Forest. You need many low drops. Force of Nature and Dr. Boom seems to be to high mana cost to run with Jeeves - If you dont draw your Jeeves without other card draw, you'll lose in late game
Mogu'shan Warden - 3-9 taunt with Hobgoblin, but 7 mana is way to much for that combo

Common Match-Ups:

Control-Warrior(55/45) - Can be tricky, but Squire, Creeper and Anoy-o-tron are good against fire war axe. Make it hard to trade effienctly for him. Use Power of the Wild to be safe against Death's Bite activation or Whirlwind. Soul of the Forest is great against brawl. Dont use savage roar for trading otherwise u can't kill the Warrior with tons of armor. Late game can be hard if you don't get your card draw.
*Midrange-Paladin (55/45) *- Blood Knight is here very good.Keep it for Shielded Minibot. Swipe is important against Muster for Battle. Watch out for Consecration and Consecration-Equality-Combo. Don't overextend!
Mech-Mage(75/25) - Pretty easy Match-up. They lack at aoe. Only Goblin Blastmage can ruin your day. If they need to use their hero power they lose tempo. Hard for them to clear your sticky board. Blood Knight can be cruel, because they use Annoy-o-tron!
Priest-Control (45/55) - One of the hardest match-ups. Heavy aoe clear and they can use Cabal and Shadow Madness on so many Targets. But if they didnt get the right cards, you can just overrun them easily.
Hunter (65/35) - You can keep up with the early game of the hunter. Try to get Wrath and sticky minions or power of the wild. You can rush them in mid game easily. Just Explosive Traps or Snake Traps without Swipe can be tricky here.
Zoo (40/60) - You need Wrath, Sticky Minions and pray for Innervate. If you lose board control and get no Swipe against that board, especially with the new Imp-losion, you are pretty screwed
Handlock (80/20) - Pretty easy match-up. Try to rush them down with Savage Roar. Play around Molten Giants and Shadowflame. Hellfire can clear your board too. Soul of the Forest can be here pretty good!
Ramp Druid (70/30) - They are too slow to compete with you most of the time. Just rush them down. Druids have no good aoe clear against sticky minions.
Midrange Druid (50/50) - Can be tricky if they get early Wild Growths and Innervate. Try to get so much board control as possible.

Try the deck out, it's so much fun to play!!! :)

Source: /r/hearthstone

Overwatch Explained! Classes, Abilities and Gameplay! By Muselk

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HUD: Eve Hud

FOV: 90

Weapon FOV: 90

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Hearthstone - Sjow rank #1 on EU and NA Control Warrior Deck

WoW - World First Imperator Mar'gok Mythic kill video by Paragon

Paragon VS Imperator Mar'gok MYTHIC


Audiomachine - Avow
Thomas Bergersen - Creation of the Earth
Thomas Bergersen - Empire of Angels
Thomas Bergersen - Dragonland

In-game footage from Lappe, Yliajo, Verestrasz, Alzu & Devai. Intro footage from Manaberry. Editing by Manaberry.

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Hearthstone - EU Rank 1 legend deck list by RandjaTV

I greet you! So with GvG being released in Europe i have started making all sorts of decks with the new cards, but none of them have taken me as far as my Handlock deck!

I don't want to sound cocky but I think that this is the best deck or at least one of the best decks out there. I found my climb to rank 1 very easy going from rank 34 to 1 with a score of 19:4.

I will be making a video spotlight for this deck where I will go a bit more in-depth in the ways I play with it. (you can expect the link here:)

So here is the deck list: (Image format )

-1x Mortal Coil - I still really enjoy the ability to deal 1 damage with warlock quite a bit, which is why I still play mortal coil. But i don't think this card is necessary.

-2x Dark Bomb - This card is just so insane for warlock. Being able to deal 3 damage gives more value to your small minions and is so flexible that I can't imagine a control warlock without it.

-2x Ancient Watcher - Still watching still hating the police!

-2x Ironbeak Owl - I love silence. With the release of gvg silence got way better with all the crazy effects of new minions.

-2x Sunfury Protector - Good old taunt givers. So good when you have really big minions!

-2x Earthen Ring Farseer - I see people cutting this guy because of the release of Antique Healbot, I personally think that this guy is better than ever. With dark bomb at your disposal he is no longer just a minion that will trade for free with a bigger minion. And with the Healbot release you are more free to heal your minions now.

-1x Hellfire - It's just so good to have 1 of these really flexible card.

-2x Shadowflame - This is still the insane card it use to be.

-2x Defender Of Argus - More taunt!

-2x Twilight Drake - Really good control warlock card.

-1x Antique Healbot - Now this guy, this guy is just so insane in this deck having a way to instantly restore 8 health changed the game for control warlock, you are no longer afraid of going low on life and that makes the deck so much more fun. I don't play 2 of these because I think that that would be too much healing and besides the heal they are not really strong minions and can't target your minions with the heal so I think that 1 if these guys is the sweet spot if your going to play Farseer.

-1x Loatheb - Just puts so much pressure on your opponent it's so good.

-1x Sludge Belcher - I still like this guy. Unlike the healbot This guy is a good minion so he prevents you from having dead hands.

-2x Siphon Soul - Hard removal

-1x Dr.Boom - Now things start to get interesting. I found this guy to be so good! He is a 7 drop so he fits into the curve way better than lets say Ragnaros. Also most of the time I found myself not wanting to play rag because he was just too random. With Dr.Boom you get a really strong minion 7/7 and you get 2 1/1 so some of the interesting things you could do is play Boom into sunfury and gain 2 taunts. Also he splits his value into 3 minions so it makes it easier to deal with classes that swarm the board.

-1x Troggzor the Earthinator - Now this card is just straight out op in my opinion. Having a card that stops your opponent from playing ANY spells is so good and he will almost always give a lot of value. You should be careful when playing versus warrior because if they have minions he can use a weapon and effectively clear him.

-1x Lord Jaraxxus - OBLIVION!

-2x Mountain Giant - ...

-2x Molten Giant - don't be afraid to get low to play this guy. With all the new life replenishment from Healbot you should not be afraid of dying.

So there is the list, I hope you guys enjoy the deck! If you have any questions about the deck feel free to ask!

I also stream on twitch @RandjaTV so if you guys want to drop by check out the stream and maybe leave a follow I would appreciate it.

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WoW - Complete Normal/Heroic Highmaul Quick Guides

Saturday, December 6, 2014

WoW WoD Raid Basics: Tectus | Two Minute Tips by Line of Sight Gaming

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Our first raid boss strategy guide. Had a lot of fun putting this video together. These are just a few tips to help slay this massive earth elemental. Remember there are many ways to skin a boomkin. Let us know what you and your guild has done to defeat this boss. Stay tuned for more WoD Raiding Basics from LoS Gaming.

Special thanks to KC "Rodriguez" for the awesome music.
If you have music inquiries you can reach us at:

Special thanks to Denimdann (Guardian Druid), Smackleedorf (Ret Paly), Chlobugg (Holy Paly) and the others who helped get the necessary footage for this video.

Starcraft 2 - Viewer's guide for Fragbite Masters LAN finals by Cwantom

Fragbite Masters Season 3 Lan Finals The final four contestants has been drawn, and all of them are making their way towards Stockholm for the chance to lay their hands on the third Fragbite Masters championship title. Competitor from four different nations will be joining us to see who has got what it takes to win.

Participating Players
  • MMA
  • Bunny
  • Happy
  • GunGFuBanDa
Prize Purse
  1. 75 000 SEK
  2. 40 000 SEK
  3. 20 000 SEK
  4. 15 000 SEK
Map Pool:
Catallena, Deadwing, Foxtrot Labs, King Sejong Station, Merry Go Round, Nimbus, Overgrowth

Bracket Saturday
  • 14:00: Happy vs GunGFuBanDa (Bo5)
  • 15:30: MMA vs Bunny (Bo5)
  • 17:00: Lower bracket finals (Bo5)
  • 18:30: Upper bracket finals (Bo5)
Bracket Sunday
  • 14:00 Consolidation Finals, (Bo5)
  • 16:00 Grand final, (Bo5)

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Friday, December 5, 2014

Starcraft 2 - LotV Custom 1.3 Patch Notes by Tutorial Central Sc2

Report all bugs here:

Tutorial Central Sc2 is a channel with a blend of both educational and entertaining Starcraft 2 videos. Be sure to check out our playlists to find the kind content you're looking for.

Social Media Etc.

This video contains original educational content throughout the entire video on the game of Starcraft2, which Blizzard has allowed for public use in Youtube videos, as stated on their online license which can be viewed at this website:
I acknowledge that no other copyrighted material is in this video.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hearthstone - Upcoming Balance Changes for Goblins vs Gnomes

During the development of Goblins vs Gnomes, we kept an eye on the state of game balance as more Hearthstone matches were played with the new cards we introduced with Curse of Naxxramas. After careful consideration we have decided to make balance changes to the following cards: Soulfire (Warlock), Gadgetzan Auctioneer (Neutral), and Flare (Hunter)

The following balance changes will be made in an upcoming patch:

  • Soulfire now costs 1 (up from 0)
    • Soulfire, along with fast and powerful minions, allowed Warlock rush decks to get ahead on the board and stay ahead. We’ve upped Soulfire’s mana cost by 1 to slow down the Warlock rush deck just a bit and allow more players time to react and interact against the Warlock.

  • Gadgetzan Auctioneer now costs 6 (up from 5)
    • Gadgetzan Auctioneer’s ability allows for a player to potentially draw many cards for little cost. Card draw and card advantage are important to the game—overall, games are less interesting when a player draws their entire deck. This change brings Gadgetzan Auctioneer’s cost more in line with its power level.

  • Flare now costs 2 (up from 1)
    • Flare allowed the Hunter an advantage versus decks that revolve around Secrets, while also allowing the Hunter to draw a card for little cost. We want to encourage a variety of decks in Hearthstone. With this change, Flare will continue to be useful against decks playing Secrets, but will be weaker against other decks

We will continue to make balance changes to Hearthstone when we feel they are necessary in order to increase the variety of cards seen at all levels of play, with the goal of making Hearthstone a more fun and interactive game for everyone.


Heroes of the Storm Technical Alpha Patch Notes -- December 2, 2014


Jaina Proudmoore has been added to Heroes of the Storm and is now available for play! Read on for a brief overview of her Abilities.


  • Frost Bolt (Q) -Fires a bolt that deals damage and Chills the target.
  • Blizzard (W) - Creates a storm of ice at target location, damaging and Chilling enemies.
  • Cone of Cold (E) - Deals damage in a cone and Chills targets.
  • Trait: Frost Bite - Your Abilities Chill targets, slowing them and causing them to take increased damage.

Heroic Abilities

  • Summon Water Elemental (R) - Summons a powerful Water Elemental.
  • Ring of Frost (R) - Creates a freezing ring that roots and damages enemies.



  • Line skillshots can no longer be self-cast using the Alt key.


  • A flat amount of Health and Mana are now restored after using Hearthstone to return to the Hall of Storms.



  • Town Halls no longer contain all of a town’s experience points. While Town Halls retain a majority of the experience, the surrounding towers protecting the town now yield experience as well.

Cursed Hollow

  • Tribute channeling time reduced from 7 to 6 seconds
  • Dragon Shire
The Dragon Knight is no longer targetable by allied Abilities or Talents

Garden of Terror

Garden Terror (Summoned)
  • Spore Queen’s Curse (Q) - Radius decreased by 10%

Haunted Mines

Underground Minions
  • Starting Health and Health scaling increased by 20%
Underground Grave Golem
  • Starting Health and Health scaling increased by 20%
Grave Golem (Summoned)
  • Damage scaling decreased by 20%
  • Health scaling decreased by 20%


Conjurer's Pursuit

  • Now also increases Mana regeneration by 0.5 per second in addition to its other effects

Imposing Presence

  • Attack speed slow amount increased from 30% to 50%


  • Now heals the target to full Health
  • Now has a 15 second duration
  • Charge cooldowns have been reduced from 60 to 30 seconds

Resurgence of the Storm

  • Cooldown increased from 120 to 180 seconds


  • Now refreshes all Basic Ability cooldowns rather than reducing them by 10 seconds
  • Cooldown increased from 60 to 90 seconds

Searing Attacks

  • While active, Basic Attacks will now display “Crit!” floating text on impact

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Episode 1 - StarCraft - Team Razer: Great Games

Team Razer Presents: “Great Games”, the definitive eSports documentary.

GG. It's the universal sign-off for those players who know they've been beaten in the toughest mental arena of modern gaming: eSports. "Great Games" follows 3 of the most well known eSports today - StarCraft, Dota 2 and League of Legends - bringing the history and the people of the newest sporting frontier into focus.

In Episode 1, travel back in time to the beginning of eSports in South Korea and to one of the most intense rivalries in the history of StarCraft Brood War: Jaedong and Flash. A culture of intense study and rigorous training gives birth to a fierce environment of competition and innovation. After a defacto winner has been crowned, we turn to StarCraft 2 and the glimmers of greatness in a new player named HerO.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Diablo 3 RoS - PTR 2.1.2 - Gem of Ease Explained by MeatHead Mikhail

Today I want to show you guys one of the new legendary gems coming in the next patch - the Gem of Ease. This is the only legendary gem that goes into a socketed weapon, reducing its level requirement to 1 at rank 25. It's a self-power leveling gem that will let you jump straight into T6 rifts on your alt.

In this video I go over the mechanics, the rank 25 secondary, and show it in action inside a T6 rift, going from level 1 to 37 in under 6 minutes! Enjoy!

Note: everything on PTR is subject to change.

Patch: PTR 2.1.2


Thanks for watching and Thumbs Up if you like the video! Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions in the comments below and be sure to check out:





DreamHack Winter Hearthstone Championship Groups!

Each group is made up of 8 competitors, who over November 27th and 28th will compete in 8 player double elimination brackets, the top 2 of each group will advance to the single elimination playoffs on November 29th! 

  • Group A and B will be played out entirely on November 27th
  • Group C and D will be played out on November 28th
  • Top 8 Playoffs - November 29th 

From each pair of groups one match from Winner Bracket Round 1, one match from WBR2 or LBR2 and every single Winner Bracket Final and Loser Bracket Final match will be broadcast live!


Group A  
Matches start 14:30 CEST November 27th
  • Archon Firebat vs. Razor’s Edge Marzito 
  • Darkwonyx vs. Dignitas Greensheep 
  • ROOT Xixo vs. IHearthU Powder 
  • Cloud9 StrifeCro vs. Archon Hosty

Group B  
Matches start 14:30 CEST November 27th
  • Cloud9 Kolento vs. eEriness Esosek 
  • Cloud9 Ek0p vs. Punchline Maverick 
  • Archon Amaz vs. IHearthU Faramir 
  • MYM Rdu vs. Forsen

Group C  
Matches start 14:30 CEST November 28th
  • Team Liquid Savjz vs. Punchline Origin 
  • mYinsanity Mirrrari vs. Lucky Draw Lifecoach 
  • Neirea vs. compLexity Dog 
  • Cloud9 TidesofTime vs. Tempo Storm Reynad

Group D  
Matches start 14:30 CEST November 28th
  • Tempo Storm Gaara vs. Cipher
  • SK Gaming Numberguy vs. Samsung Gaming Thalai
  • Tempo Storm Hyped vs. Fnatic Kaldi  
  • MYM ThijsNL vs. PlanetKey Lothar

The order of the matches listed represent how the bracket will be played out.

All the best games will be streamed live on Viagame, so make sure to tune into during the event to catch all the action! As well mobile apps are available on Android and iOS for watching on the go!